napping on the job


I’ll go wake Sora up. Look at his face. Sleeping like nothing’s wrong—like there’s nothing to even worry about. (Sighs) He’s always been like that. The three of us would agree to work on the raft, and then this guy would go take a nap on the beach. You see, it’s my job to keep him on his toes. Besides, what kind of Keyblade Master sleeps through his test? I’m doing it for me, too. Sora saved me once. And…I heard him call my name. He needs me.

ppl at my new job laughed at me for wanting to keep my empty water bottle to go recycle it at home like sorry for being a sane human being unlike u savages with not one recycling bin in your entire restaurant u global warming enablers

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Hi, idk if you're an angst crusher or not but I AM. Saw this somewhere but the prompt was just 10 lines. Neil rotating the car so that he gets the crash side instead of Andrew's driving one to protect his home.(hint: fluffy ending please) ❤❤

Also answering: Please give me some angst of Andrew and Neil fighting and Neil saying something really cruel and feeling guilty knowing that Andrew will remember that forever

Headlights careened across Neil’s vision as the car in the opposite lane swerved to avoid a deer. In a split second Neil realized three things.
1. The truck was going to hit them head on.
2. They could not get out of their lane, because of a steep drop off on Neil’s side.
3. Andrew’s side was going to take the brunt of the hit.

Neil couldn’t let that happen. Before Andrew could stop him Neil grabbed the wheel and shoved it towards Andrew’s door. This caused the car to tilt enough that the truck hit on the front passenger side.

The airbags exploded knocking Neil back and breaking his nose. Blood ran down his face, as the car slammed against the flimsy barrier skidding towards the edge. Which is when Neil lost consciousness.

He came to awareness slowly. The edges of his vision were still blurred and the light blinking next to him was making his eyes ache. He was hooked up to a heart monitor in a hospital bed.

This was sadly not a new experience for Neil, but not knowing what had landed him in the hospital was.

“Oh good. You’re alive.” As a hand touched his arm.

Neil turned towards the voice “‘Drew?”
Coming out a little slurred. “What happened?” Before shutting his eyes against the lights.

“I thought you had that martyr complex beaten out of you. I told you no one asked for it, especially me.” Andrew’s hand was now squeezing Neil’s arm so tightly the circulation was being cut off. Neil flinched opening his eyes to look at Andrew again. Andrew immediately dropped his hand and pushed the nurse call button on the side of the bed.

While Neil was being checked out, Andrew stepped back and leaned against the wall. None of the hospital staff acknowledged him even though it was well after visiting hours, and Andrew was technically not family.

Neil was pronounced to have a concussion, a broken nose, a small fracture on his left arm, a broken collarbone, and several deep muscle bruises. The doctor parted with the sentiment that he should be thankful both cars were driving slowly on the bend of the road, or it could have been much worse.

Neil had to remain on bed rest for 4 days, for the concussion, unless symptoms worsened, and take it very easy for the rest of the week. Neil would not be cleared for practice for another ten weeks. Six weeks for the fracture and the collarbone to heal and another four to build the muscle back up slowly.

Neil knew his coach would reinforce these rules. Neil had tried to play one time before recovering properly from a sprained ankle and his coach had benched him for two weeks.

The recovery time did not bother Neil nearly as much as Andrew’s expression throughout the examination. His eyes grew darker and darker as Neil’s injuries were being listed out.

After the doctors left Andrew still had not moved from his spot on the wall. He would not make eye contact with Neil even after he called his name. Andrew seemed frozen.

Neil could not figure out why this was affecting Andrew so badly. Neil had been injured before and normally Andrew just grew more possessive. Crowding into Neil’s space more than usual. Needing physical contact not just remaining in each other’s eye line.

To be honest Neil loved it. Neil had spent all off his life trying to avoid being the center of attention, because attention had only caused him pain. His father beating him when he spoke too loudly, his mother slamming him into walls for getting awards at school, and Riko slicing into him when he ran too fast.

But with Andrew attention meant only good things. It meant blow jobs, holding hands, forehead kisses, long naps, shirtless Andrew, and days where they never left the bed. Days Neil never felt the itch to run. Andrew kept him entertained through one means or another.

It hit Neil suddenly like a racquet to the stomach. Knocking his breath out and leaving devastation. “You are mad at me for protecting you.”

Andrew’s head snapped up, his eyes burning “I never asked you to protect me.”

Neil flinched at the noise level, but pushed through the pain. This point was worth the pain. Andrew was worth the pain. “You don’t have to ask. Being this means I get to protect you. That’s part of the point.”

Andrew’s glare intensified. “Junkie I have never needed protection, and I sure as shit don’t need it from someone who can’t even protect himself.”

Neil’s head was pounding and it just made his rage push to the surface before he could stop it. “Just because you’re too fucked up to believe you are worth protecting, doesn’t mean everyone else is.”

Andrew shoved himself off the wall and closed his hand around Neil’s throat for a split second before releasing him and slamming the door open against the wall. The influx of light and sound was too much for Neil. It caused his head to feel as if it were going to explode and Neil passed out once more.

When Neil came to, Andrew was siting beside the bed staring at him. His hands were folded beside Neil’s arm with his chin resting on top of them. Neil opened his mouth to say I’m sorry, but Andrew, sensing his intentions, covered Neil’s mouth.

“If I am worth protecting it’s because of you.” With one final warning squeeze for Neil not to say anything stupid Andrew removed his hand. Neil arched his neck and raised his head. making his desires know, and Andrew sighed before leaning down and kissing Neil on the mouth. The kiss was much too short, as far as Neil was concerned, so he continued leaning towards Andrew.

Andrew scoffed quietly before gently pushing Neil’s shoulders back down. “Go to sleep junkie. I will still be here when you are coherent.” Neil’s headache decided to reassert itself at that moment, so he laid back down without a fight.

“You were always worth protecting.” Before slipping back into the darkness.

17-year-old me: doesn’t fucking sleep, stays up and read all night. functionning perfectly well, parents never even realise

22-year-old me: sleeps 4 hours per night, wakes up at 4:30 for work, then classes, then second job, maybe nap if they have time but otherwise functionning

28-year-old me: sleeps 8 hours per night, always wants to nap, not functionning at all, can’t go out after work, get their ass kicked big time by daylight savings time

Traveling Soldier

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: Written for @yourtropegirl ​‘s birthday challenge.  Happy Birthday, my love!! My song was Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks.  it just fit Steve so well i couldn’t stay away. and guys, i really really love this one okay.  It’s my baby. (Also it’s mostly canon with some tiny changes)

Summary: Steve makes a stop in a diner in a small town in New York on his way to training camp and meets a waitress that he feels inexplicably drawn to.

Warnings: seven thousand words of straight up angst my dudes. okay, it’s a little fluffy, but mostly angst. and a lil bit of cursing

Words: 7109 (jesus christ)

tags: @itsanerdlife @feelmyroarrrr @jimtkirkisabitch @sistasarah-sallysaidso @ravengirl94 (honestly tagging people i want to hurt with angst)

You lean against the counter of the diner, finally getting a chance to rest after the busy lunch rush.  You take a sip of your cold and thick coffee and groan when you see the time.  It was already 2:30? Damn.  

You grimace at your coffee cup and take another sip.  Just another half hour, and you were off for the rest of the day.  You hear a laugh and look up through the open window to the kitchen.  Ronnie, the older cook that owned the diner with her husband, was laughing and shaking her head at you.  

“You keep starin’ at that coffee like that it’ll turn to stone.”

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I agree that the Legends have treated Mick poorly all season. But I'm not sure if it's made his teammates look bad in the eyes of most viewers beyond some of his fans. In the Previously TV forums for example, the general consensus is that Mick deserved this treatment from his teammates, that it wasn't so bad or even noticeable, or that it shows that they do trust him and accept him. Sara did give him the spear after all and Mick physically threatened Martin recently.

I get that. I get that different viewers are going to see things differently, and also that fandom viewers are going to see things way differently than casual viewers too, whatever part of fandom they find themselves in.

And yeah, I’m not naive to the fact that Mick hasn’t been easy on the team. That he was poked in the chest by Ray (who had a legitimate complaint) and twisted the guy’s arm behind his back for his trouble, probably an indication of what it means to provoke Mick on the ship, and what he’ll put up with. It’s also clear he’s sometimes belligerent on jobs, napping or staying behind to drink, not starting a bar fight when he should but instead befriending their mark, almost getting himself killed and getting Nate shot.

I definitely haven’t missed any of that, and I’m aware how it plays. I don’t begrudge there being tension, and I don’t begrudge there being conflict even – he did betray them and has betrayed them before and frustration and anger are warranted.

I just hate the way they belittle him and talk down to him, and I hate that when he tries to do the right thing, he loses out for it. That’s something I think viewers / fans in other spaces maybe miss (because the narrative tells us to miss it) just how smart competent he is and how hard he tries, and how he’s constantly looked down on in those areas by his peers anyway. And it has an effect? When he chose them in 2x15 they accused him of betraying them by talking to what he thought was a hallucination, and he betrayed them only after that, after being reminded how little they trust and respect him. And the same thing happened in 2x16 again, almost exactly.

And of course he’s not in the *right* for that betrayal, but when you (when I) take his point of view, I get why he did it and I find a certain sense of vindication that he’s not letting others push him around anymore and has started to remind people of his worth.

I’m not ever trying to woobify Mick. He’s not someone who is in any way a cinnamon roll, nor is he some sweet guy who’s just misunderstood. He’s harsh, violent, and obnoxious. He is mentally ill and self-medicating with alcohol, and that can make life very difficult for everyone around him, I know, and I have sympathy for that. I just feel that, regardless of how it plays to other viewers, for all his faults, Mick is treated with less respect and understanding than he deserves by the team, especially with regard to his intellect and some of the seriously traumatic shit he’s been through.

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for your 1k pompts:i saw a photoset of a rebelcaptain au where jyn is a single mum running a bookstore and cassian is the hottie prof at the local uni. i thought it was such a cute idea and i'd love to see what you do with it. (also, can i saw how much i'm loving your persuasion au and how it's giving me ALL of the feels?!)

First, thank you for the compliment on my Persuasion/rebelcaptain story! I hope to have another chapter written and posted before I leave on vacation next week.

And Anon, I AM SO INTO THIS IDEA YOU HAVE PROMPTED, and also your use of “uni” instead of “college” has me totally setting this in London.

I actually drafted a start this morning, but for my 1k celebration, I will definitely be writing a longer story because it is coming alive in my brain! I am actually about 10 followers away now. Eep!

Anyway. Here’s the start, a super rough draft I just wrote (promises to make this much better later, but I am excited about it now and wanted to share):

Cassian’s checked the Waterstones, the WH Smiths, even the Tesco, but he’s had no luck finding a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera, and the bookstands in the Tube station only yielded Harry Potter books, romances, or the novelization of the latest Star Wars movie.

“This is ridiculous,” he mutters, wracking his brain to try and remember the name and location of the little bookstore he saw the week before. He pulls his blazer tighter around himself and makes the turn onto Earl’s Court Road, the autumn wind nipping at his face.

He almost misses it, but he sees the sign out of the corner of his eye, a swinging board shaped like a precious gem, and the shop name emblazoned in purple: Kyber Books.

It’ll have to do. He has to hope it does.

There’s a solitary woman in the shop at the counter, brown hair pulled back into a bun, green eyes heavy with sleep. She looks at once young and old, and it makes him start. The way she’s hovering over the till, he has to assume she works here, and he barrels forward. He has to teach in 30 minutes, and it’s at least a 15 minute walk, if he rushes, back to his classroom for his next period.

“Excuse me, but,” he says, and she looks up at him expectantly. “I’m looking for a copy of a Márquez book, it’s–”

“–Love in the Time of Cholera??” she answers.

“Yes,” he says, and it makes him do a double take, but what was he expecting? Perhaps he was too used to chain stores where the employees were university students who just wanted to make wages and not actually know anything about the books that they were selling.

Like a magician, she pulls out a copy of the novel and waves it carelessly in the air. “I had one saved for a student, but he never showed. You can have it instead.”

He smiles. “Thanks.” Cassian pulls out his wallet to pay. “I’m glad you had it. I have a class in 30 minutes, and none of the other shops seemed to carry it.”

“Well,” she says wryly, putting the book and receipt in the bag, “I look forward to putting them out of business.”

There’s a tinny burble that comes from behind her, and both their attentions are drawn away. The woman turns behind her and pulls out a baby monitor. In black and white, Cassian can see a little boy pulling himself up inside his crib.

“My coworker,” she says with a tired smile that still manages to light up her face. He notices then the green of her eyes and finds himself staring a beat longer than he should. “Terrible at his job. He naps all the time when should be working, but at least he only wants to get paid in milk and cuddles.”

“Well, thank you,” Cassian says, his mouth suddenly a little dry, his heart rate ticking up unexpectedly. He had been in too much of a rush to really look at her earlier; he’s finally seeing her now.

“No problem. You better scoot to class.”

He checks his watch and curses.

“You know,” she says, “you could have just bought the ebook if you were in such a hurry.”

He shouldn’t keep talking, but he wants to. “Are you trying to put yourself out of business?” he says.

She shrugs and glances at the baby monitor again. “Maybe.”

It’s his first day of teaching classes, and being fashionably late only is fashionable if you’re not broken out into a full body sweat. He breaks into a run, and it gives him three minutes to spare when he finally gets to his classroom, just enough time for a gulp of water and a moment to dab the perspiration running down his neck.

The class goes fine. His students at least seem interested, and he doesn’t think of the woman at the shop at all, at least, not until he’s back at his flat that evening, thumbing through his copy and wondering whether or not he should have asked her for her name.

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YO I GOT THE FLUFF TFP Wheeljack, Optimus, then MTMTE Megatron, & Whirl reacting to their cybertronian S/O trying their best to not fall asleep. Like they're so tired that when they lean against a wall they nearly fall over or when they sit down somewhere comfortable and warm their optics begin to close w'either they like it or not. I have this inner rule to never take naps during the day lmao. (Btw this is all fluff! None of this is angst!)


Optimus Prime TFP

He’s concerned when you almost fall asleep against the wall, but seeing you nod off simply by sitting down is what makes him gently pull you aside to ask how much sleep you’ve been getting. Whether or not it was form lack of sleep or simply the afternoon crash, he’s gonna try to get you to at least rest your eyes. He’ll sit with you and let you rest your head on his shoulder, secretly hoping you’ll actually fall asleep 

Megatron MTMTE

He feels tired most of the time too, so he can empathize. He’ll respect your wishes if you say you don’t want to take a nap, but if you start nodding off on the job, it’s now his job to tell you to take a break and rest. He’d tease you a bit if you kept refusing, now even his s/o is being just as stubborn as the rest of the crew 


Whirl doesn’t play around, if he thinks you look tired than dammit you’re gonna take a nap. He eventually just scoops you up and carries you to your hab, even if you fight him the whole way 


THE GIFTENING 2016: The Unsung Hero

While I’m waiting for things to happen before going back in, I thought I’d take a moment now, as we move into the twilight of this year’s GIFTENING, to shine a spotlight on Hubby.

I expanded this year to a full fifteen days of content, which then ballooned to nearly a month. For almost the entirety of February, this has been what I’ve done, over twelve hours a day with only the barest minimum of pauses. It’s been rewarding, but undeniably grueling, and it’s come with assorted phases of exhaustion and crankiness and other emotions that are a joy to deal with under the best of circumstances.

Which is one thing, but it’s also taken me away from doing MUCH OF ANYTHING ELSE, from keeping up with basic household chores to just spending time with anyone that wasn’t on my schedule.

Hubby wasn’t on my schedule.

For almost a month, he’s shouldered everything. Laundry, dishes, cooking, most Mina-related activities in the evening that weren’t her sprawled in my lap and napping. All this, on top of a job that can sometimes be very intense and high-pressured. All this, with nothing but a smile and hug and excitement for catching up on what I’d done and written during the day.

And then, after a month of this, when he gets a weekend to relax, what does he do but spend it pointing an iPad at me for hours and cleaning up the kitchen ten times a day.

Mike has been nothing less than supportive and enthusiastic for anything I’ve wanted to do, and as taxing and tiring as I know THE GIFTENING has been for him – I KNOW – he’s never let any of it show.

A moment, if you have one to spare, for @thehubby. This couldn’t possibly have been what it was without him, and neither am I.

Baby Deserves Respect

Title: Baby Deserves Respect

Song: Respect by Aretha Franklin

Word Count: 989

Warnings: Some adorable Baby feels and laughs

This is my submission for @butiaintgonnaloveem’s #Happy Big 50 Baby Challenge! Enjoy!!

This takes place in Season 7 when the boys have to put Baby into hiding thanks to the Leviathan look-alikes that are going on a killing spree as Sam and Dean using another 67 Impala.

Song lyrics in bold and italics

What you want

Baby, I got it

What you need

Do you know I’ve got it

All I’m askin’

Is for a little respect when you get home (just a little bit)

Hey baby (just a little bit) when you get home

(just a little bit) mister (just a little bit)

“Dean, come on, we gotta get moving!”

“Sam this is not the time! Just…give me a minute!” Dean turned back to Baby looking down as he held the car cover in his hands.

“Baby, oh sweetheart I am so sorry about this. Fucking Leviathans. I’ll be back, don’t you worry sweetheart. I’ll be back.” Dean looked over his shoulder, making sure Sam wasn’t looking, and gave Baby’s hood a gentle kiss before throwing the cover over her.

Walking back to the road to the new car Dean’s hands tightened into fists.

“Let’s go fuck up some Leviathans.”

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Sleeping On The Job

Anon: Voltron where Keith’s sick and doesn’t say anything about it because he doesn’t want to worry the rest of the team. So they end up going on a really draining mission and Keith’s exiting his lion and ends up passing out on the way out and everybody freaks out scolding him for not telling them.

A/N: In which Red is me. Lance is just jealous he didn’t get to nap.

The Red Lion’s clock ticked over to the Earth equivalent to 6 pm. It marked the twelfth hour of their extended mission. It wasn’t as much of a test of skill as a test of endurance. In the process of driving Galra forces away from a small resource planet, Voltron may have destroyed multiple sentries. While they were ultimately appreciated, the citizens of the planet wanted their sentries back. With Pidge, Hunk, Allura, and Coran down repairing them, it left the rest of the paladins acting as the watchdogs.

There isn’t anything to even watch for… Keith thought, eyes threatening to droop close, We already took out all the Galra ships.

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Snoring Tony

Just a little idea that popped into my head yesterday. Hope you all enjoy it!

Word Count: 360

Pairing: Tony x Reader

“My God, how do you put up with that?” McGee asked, sitting back in his chair at his desk linking his fingers behind his head.

You and the team had been on a case three days straight, with very little sleep and an awful lot running about, talking to witnesses, going to crime scenes, back and forth to Abby as well as visiting and processing the victim’s apartment. You knew it was all part and parcel of your job but a little nap wouldn’t go a miss.

You stop what you’re doing, fingers ceasing their movements on the keyboard and rub your eyes. You blinked several times, bringing McGee into focus, “With what?”

His eyebrows shot up to his hairline and his arm stretched out to his left, “That!” He laughed gesturing to the agent beside him, your boyfriend, Very Special Anthony DiNozzo.

Your eyes follow Tim’s hand and a dopey smile comes to your face, you blame it on the lack of sleep of course, “He’s adorable.” You murmur as you placed your chin in her hand, watching Tony. His mouth was hanging open, slight drool trail down his chin, he was reclined back in his chair with his legs upon the table snoring…loudly. You could watch him sleep anytime, anywhere.

“He snores louder than my ex-wife,” Gibbs announced his arrival as he stalked into the bullpen, rounding his desk to check his emails.

DiNozzo shot up in his chair with a loud snort, feet planting on the floor, “Yes boss.” He replied automatically trying to make himself look busy.

You and Tim chuckle quietly, “Go back to sleep Tony.” McGee starts to say and just as Tony leant back in his chair Gibbs slammed his phone down, “Grab your gear,” he barked, “another dead body. Same MO.”

The three of you scramble for your packs and as you let Gibbs, who chucked the car keys to McGee, pass and you linger back, pecking Tony on the cheek once you were somewhat alone, “You’ll be abe to sleep soon, Tony.” You whisper and watch him smile, slinging his arm around you, you both walk to and enter the elevator.

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Do you have any daycare/caretaker aus?

  • I’m a single parent and I think you get on better with my kid than I do, so you wanna go out some time?
  • idc who you are you can either help me put the kids to sleep for nap time or you can get out
  • I’m (clearly) new to this job and tHE KID JUST THREW UP WHAT DO I DO HELP ME
  • You’re amazing at telling the kids stories and even I get distracted by it