napping bunnies


I want a story time with Gran Torino where he’s sitting in a rocking chair holding a scrapbook of photos from his youth.

- He shows them to Izuku who is eager to learn more about All Might before he was All Might.

- One of the first photos has Nana giving Torino bunny ears and grinning while he looks annoyed.

- Some of the photos are of Torino and Toshinori looking bruised and bloody after training sessions. Torino explains that no matter how annoyed or upset they were Nana made sure they smiled for the photo. 

- There was a photo of Toshinori napping with a stuffed bunny. Torino made Izuku promise not to tell Toshinori he kept that one. 

- One photo has Toshinori doing his iconic All Might pose for the first time in his hero costume. Torino said it took him a while to find a pose “befitting the Symbol of Peace”

- Most of the photos were heartwarming. Like Nana high fiving Toshinori. Hugs and arms around each others shoulders.

- One photo had Toshinori and Nana standing beside Torino who was in the middle. Torino looked grumpy, but Toshinori and Nana were both pulling his mouth into a smile.

taehyung when you’re sick

- him getting sick shortly after you get sick “we’re preTTY SICK AREN’T WE” “was that a dope reference tae” “jjeoro!! jjeoro!!” 

- making fun of each other for looking ugly while being sick “your nose is red” “your eyes are red” “you look like you’re half asleep” “weLL SORRY MY EYES ARE SO SMALL TAE” him squishing your cheeks and you groaning 

- sniffling and coughing all the time feat. you with your cute kitten sneezes and tae with his sneeze that could cause a 13.2 earthquake and being the extra couple that you two are, dabbing every time you both sneeze

- him hugging you from behind with a blanket while you cook soup and swaying to an imaginary song in his head “hmmMmmmm” his chin resting on the top of your head because he’s so tall and his arms around your waist “it smells nice” “you have a stuffy nose” “my tastebuds smelled it” 

- listening to him tell you ridiculous stories as you sit in a blanket fort with the humidifier and try to take a nap “and then the bunny chased the little mole all the way up to the moon and you can see the shadow of the bunny today;; are you listening?” “yeeep, keep talking” “and then every night the bun–” and you resting your head on his lap and closing your eyes “keep talking” “oh o-okay” 

when i was in second grade my mom made me take piano lessons, and my teacher was a lesbian in a committed relationship who fostered kittens, and if that isn’t foreshadowing i don’t know what is