So my friend send me this rant about T.O.P’s marijuana scandal:

So, honestly, this whole T.O.P. marijuana scandal sounds like bullshit to me for multiple reasons:

  1. Why are they releasing this now? They claim T.O.P. smoked marijuana on October 2016 (I may be really bad at math, but it’s been 8 months) They tested his hair for marijuana and he allegedly tested positive, but traces of marijuana only last 3 months in hair follicles so if tested recently, it would’ve came back negative.
  2. He’s in the military: If they tested him before entering the military (which he did Feb. 2017) then it would’ve came back positive and he wouldn’t have been allowed to join the military, let alone as a conscripted policeman.    
  3. BigBang has been down this road before: GD had a marijuana scandal back in 2011 and it was “handled”. I highly doubt T.O.P. would be stupid enough to engage in this reckless behavior without at least making sure he’ll pass the drug test.    
  4. A “friend” of T.O.P. claimed he smoked marijuana with him: Nobody knows where this “friend” came from and why he would suddenly confess to doing this, knowing that he will put his “friend’s” career in jeopardy. With friends like this who needs enemies?
  5. The “friend” mysteriously vanished and now a trainee smoked weed with T.O.P. : Choi Seung Hyun WOULD NOT INVITE A FREAKING TRAINEE TO HIS HOUSE! Seriously guys? Agencies wouldn’t allow that. She’s a freaking trainee and is being held under suspicion of drug use? Probably other drugs besides marijuana. If that was the case and she was being held, she was already screwed on her own. Why drag T.O.P. into this? Desperate for attention? Or just a big pile of lies and this trainee doesn’t even exist!
  6. The dates and details keep changing: First, they said he smoked marijuana in June. Then they said it was in October. Second, news say T.O.P. denied using marijuana; 5 minutes  later YGE releases a statement apologizing for the events and claiming he is “deeply regretting his actions.” Third, news say a friend admitted to smoking with T.O.P. then that changed to a trainee, and now it  is being said multiple women were present and they all recently magically tested positive after smoking weed in October (just refreshing your memory: 8 months ago).
  7. Timing is SUPER suspicious: Not  only do they decide to release this waaaaay later than the date when it  would’ve at least been plausible, but a week before GD’s comeback as a solo artist? Probably a sabotage for his comeback or something. And to top  it off, they want to say the government has a financial stake with YGE (which explains why GD and Park Bom were let off the hook) but now that T.O.P. is involved, he no longer has the protection his label mates had.    

Again, I’m not saying he didn’t smoke the freaking pot. Maybe he did, but why release this now?! It makes no sense at all. This is all really sketchy. Theory is: they’re trying to either get lots of attention or covering something way worse than this because that’s just how it goes in Korea. Maybe it’ll clear up soon or maybe we’ll never know the truth, but one thing’s for sure; A LOT of people are lying here. Hopefully this doesn’t affect the other members, since they have no part in this and he’ll get out of this because he did nothing wrong. 

오빠 화이팅!

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[Cat Lichelle // “Nappeun Gizibe”]


Vol. 13 Unchanging Part 2 - Touch



amu mar-eopshi nareul bol ttae

na-ui pal kkeutchi neoreul seu-chyeo daheul ttae

keu modeun sun-gan deuri tteo-oreul ttae

nan michyeo


chaga-un mallo hwa-reul nael ttae

naege jab-hiji anh-neun saega dwel ttae

nareul tteonagal-keol almyeonseo-do halke

eoptdeon na


keurae amu uimiga eopseo, yeojeonhi nan hal mari eopseo

tteonagago naseoya, da an-goya, naega eotteon nom inji

keurae naegen aewonhago butjabeul cha-gyeogi hanado eopseo

nan eopseo


keunyang dora-ojima naege

neoreul apeugeman han naege

keujeo neurin babo-in naege

keunyang dora-ojima, dwido dora-bojima

[SHIN HYE SUNG] keunyang dora-ojima naege


(dashin) dashin eopseo second chance

mukkeo juji mothae chain-do for real though

igeon uri dur-ui misconception meomchuji anh-neun coin

eodiseo bon deut like inception won-ineun nanikka

kwaenchana, just holla


charari chagab-ke haejwo cold (wo) so i can leave you

keureol geo gatjiman keurae-do mothae nan so baby i can’t

nan mothae let go of you

naega jalmothan geot-deuri

neomu mana nege i can’t forgive myself so please forgive me


na-egen ni heunjeogi isseo

neo-egen nae heunjeogi eopseo

dora-bomyeon igi-jeogin nae gyeote wero-un neoman isseo

keurae naegen keureon nareul seolmyeonghal 

iyuga hana-do eopseo

nan eopseo


keunyang dora-ojima naege

neoreul apeugeman han naege

keujeo neurin babo-in naege

keunyang dora-ojima, dwido dora-bojima

[KIM DONG WAN] keunyang dora-ojima (naege)


naega nappeun nom in-geol, ak-han nom in-geol, apeun neo-in jul areo

naega eodil gado neo gateun yeojan mot mannal keoran geol areo

jom pabo gatko, jom hanshim hago, mojaran nom in-geol areo

keugeol mideo jugo yeope ittdeon niga naneun ijeo jijiga ana


neo-ui ireumi nan jiwojiji ana

nun tteugo gam-eul ttae neon keogi isseo

(you you you you, you you you you)

neon naege jidokhan beorin geoya


jageun teum-do jujima naege

hwimang ttawin jujima naege

keunyang heom-han mareul hae naege

naega neoreul dashineun, barajido mothage

(keunyang dora-ojima naege)

(keunyang dora-ojima naege)



Wow. It’s been six years. Congratulations and Thank you. No words could describe how proud and thankful I am for UKISS. You were the very first KPOP group I loved and you will always be my NUMBER ONE forever. For the past six years, a lot of things have happened. There were pain but there were happiness. 

To Alexander Lee Eusebio, Oppa! Thank you for your optimism. I have always admired that of you. “I never chose to leave you guys.” Thank you for never forgetting UKISS and Kiss Mes. And just like always, thank you for the smiles you unselfishly shared with us.

To Shin SooHyun, our dearest leader, it was not easy, right? You must have had a hard time. Thank you for always smiling for us but it’s okay to cry and not be okay. “Tonight, I am willing to die on stage.” Oppa, thank you for being strong and for giving it your all for UKISS and for us, Kiss Mes. Thank you for thinking of us as your sky. I promise to be a sky that will make UKISS shine the brightest. Thank you and let’s keep going.

To Kim Ki Bum, Oppa… I’m sorry for not being able to protect you. When you were having a hard time back in 2010, I’m sorry for doubting you instead of cheering you on. Oppa, I’m sorry. “Losing a friend hurt a lot because that’s when you lose one person who will be there for you.” We will always be your friend who will back you up and we will be there. Thank you for keeping up with the pain and for moving forward. This time and in the future, I will be there to cheer you on. Have strength.

To Lee Ki Seop, our selca King! You have been to countless auditions and you have had a hard time that it made you sad. Oppa, thank you for not giving up and for being cheering us up with your lovely selcas. I wish I could do the same for you. But Oppa, your mom must be really proud, more than we are, of you. “The best thing that happened to me was when I became part of UKISS.” It was also one of the best things that happened to UKISS. Thank you for your strength and undying passion. Oppa, I am really proud of you.

To Kim Kyoung Jae, Eli! Pigeon! Thank you for enduring months of ramen and fighting the loneliness of being away from home. “The memory that made me cry whenever I think about it, is now a memory I can laugh about.” It was difficult to face the world on your own at a very young age but Oppa, I admire your bravery and your determination to achieve your dreams. Thank you, really thank you for showing us the different charms of Eli and introducing to us Kim Kyoung Jae. You are not alone, Oppa. Go towards your dreams and Kiss Mes will be there to support you.

To Kim Jae Seop, AJ! Our Ivy League Oppa! I really admire you. I am always impressed that our Oppa has been accepted to an Ivy League university but more than that, I am proud because although it was not easy, you did it and most importantly, because you always come back to us. “No matter where I am, I am a member of UKISS. That is something that will not change.” Thank you, AJ, for juggling school and being UKISS AJ. You’ll come back, right? I am looking forward to seeing you on stage with UKISS again and I am wishing to hear more of Jae Seop’s music and sound.

To Yeo Hoon Min, our bunny and selca prince, Thank you for showing us the different charms and sides of Hoon. Thank you for being part of UKISS and for showering us with so much love. Thank you for loving Kiss Mes and UKISS and bearing with the ‘hate’ when you began. Thank you for sharing with us the voice of Yeo Hoon Min and your fabulous abs (Hihi). Thank you for working hard always, whether it is acting, or musicals, or simply every day. Thank you for being a great vitamin. “Before we appear on stage, we always assemble up in a circle and scream out, here we go.” Oppa, let’s keep going and going.

To Woo SungHyun, our angel, Kevin Oppa! Did I tell you that you are truly like an angel? Thank you for your kindness and innocence. Thank you for being our dearest Oppa. Thank you for your voice and for not being afraid to cry. Next time, we will cry together because of happiness. Thank you for coming to South Korea, even though it means living away from home. “Everything we do is for our Kiss Mes. And Kiss me to us is like family.” Thank you for being our dearest Kevin and for loving Kiss Mes.

To Lee Jun Young, Junie! I did not easily accept you and I’m sorry for that. I was just not ready. But it must have been more difficult for you. Thank you Jun for working hard for UKISS, for practicing and practicing, Thank you for lowering the average age of UKISS (just kidding). Thank you ruining Kiss Mes bias list (kidding again HAHA but it’s true) But really thank you for joining UKISS despite the risk and the sacrifices you have to endure. “When I first joined UKISS, I was worried that I could be a burden to them.” You are not a burden. You are a great addition to the family.

To Shin Dong Ho, NAPPEUN NAMJA! You are my bias in UKISS, my forever Ultimate. Just thinking that I might not see you perform again breaks my heart. But it was a decision that probably was not easy for you too. I admire you for working your way towards your dreams at a very young age. While I was still unsure of the path to take, you were already on your way. But it must have been hard. Thank you, my DongHo, for being strong and for your sacrifices. You must have been hurt a lot. I’m sorry for not being able to wipe away your pain when you have always cheered me up. That is why, nappeun namja, thank you, really thank you for being part of UKISS and you will always be. Thank you my inspiration and happiness. “When UKISS’ song ranked first, I’m the happiest. The saddest is when our song is outside the top 1000 songs.” I’m sorry for I could not fulfill that dream. Although it may not happen soon, someday, I wish I could see you on stage again and together with you hyungs and Jun, you will stand together and make that dream come true. Thank you and I love you, Shin Dong Ho and whatever it is you want to do, I will be supporting you.

To NH Media, you may not be the best company in this world, but thank you for creating UKISS and for the six years of being their company. Please, don’t you ever ever disband them. And I wish you could take better care of them. But thank you for introducing to us the Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star.

To Kiss Mes, oh my Kiss Mes. I’m so proud of our fandom. It is a fandom that makes me happy that I am part of. Let’s us be always there for our boys and to support them no matter what. Whether you were there in the beginning, the middle or just now, what is important is that we will be there always. Thank you Kiss Mes for a great six years of fandom love.

HAPPY SIX YEARS OF HARD WORK, LOVE AND HAPPINESS! HAPPY SIXTH ANNIVERSARY, UKISS and Kiss Mes! The journey was not easy and there were painful moments we wanted to forget but those made us into who we are and gave us lesson we will always remember. Let’s us create memories together that will wash away all the pain. I love you OT10! And I will be a Kiss Me now and forever. I will be there. Let’s keep going.

Till eternity.

[Fanchant] Dynamite

(Start at 0:02~) Daineo maiteu V.I.X.X. 

It’s too late girl
All mine her mind (All mine her mind)
All mine her mind (All mine her mind)
All mine her mind
Maybe I’m jealous

mwol bwa igeo nwa
jinjeonghara haji ma
museun soyongiya da
imi ppeonhi jeogi kkeuti boyeo
batendeo han jan deo I need more (one shot)
one more (two shot)
heuteureojige naebeoryeo dwo (let go)
nwa dwo (gonna shake it down)

ooh neoneun jeogi giuneun moon
kkamahge sarajyeogal ppun
neujeobeorin time sigyel dolligo doedollyeobwado
I got one night sesangeul da dwijibeo
(come on girl)

oneulman na jogeum ukhalge oh
michyeo, nalttwieo, eojilleo, Shake it down
on sesangeul eopeoseorado girl
jebal oneul neon nareul tteonagaji ma

surisuri irwojyeora All mine
surisuri doraseora Her mind

(start at 1:15~)

an mideo nan mwonga jalmosdoen geoya
neon amugeosdo molla
geunyeoneun nae geoil unmyeongieosseo

ooh igeon akmong gateun kkum
nugunga jangnanchin geosppun
eogeusnan mannam sigyel dolligo doedollyeobwado
I got one night sesangeul da dwijibeo
(come on girl)

oneulman na ppittureojilge oh
milchyeo, deonjyeo, heundeureo, Shake it down
on sesangeul bakkwoseorado girl
eotteohgedeun neon nareul tteonagaji ma

(start at 2:04~) V.I.X.X

igeon da kkumiya maja (yes right)
akmong sogui akmong gata naega banhanghaedo
nuga nal jakku jamdeulge maseongui
jajanggareul bulleo juna bwa
on sesang akdangi moyeodo
ireon nappeun jangnaneun an hae Oh! No!
nan haruachime manyeoga doen baekseol
bunmyeonghi mwonga jalmodwaesseo

naeirimyeon samkyeoyaman hal hyeonsirin geol
sseupsseulhajiman algo ijiman da
I got one night neoreul bonael suga eopseo
kkeutnaji anheun story

wonrae juingongeun nainde oh
agyeogi dwaebeoryeosseo eojjeoda
mosdoen mameul meogeoseorado girl
ppaesgo sipeun neo nareul tteonagaji ma

oneulman na jogeum ukhalge oh
michyeo, nalttwieo, eojilleo, Shake it down
on sesangeul eopeoseorado girl
jebal oneul neon nareul tteonagaji ma

surisuri irwojyeora All mine
surisuri surisuri
surisuri doraseora Her mind (V.I.X.X)

*chant at bold font