1. even on the cloudiest day, you can remember the warmth of sunshine on your skin. hold onto it. you will feel it again soon.

2. the world may seem dark, but there is light in you. never forget that.

3. the hardest thing you will ever have to do is let go. stop picking up the pieces and let what happens happen.

4. no matter how small you think you are, you are growing, growing, growing. someone will always notice the mark you leave on the earth.

5. you are everything they say you can’t be. there are dreamers trapped in all of us, and they are never wrong. listen to yours.

—  five bits of advice

i. sometimes you hold my hand and my heart feels full to bursting and I cannot breathe. my chest hurts and all I want to do is let go but baby, your hands are so warm and I need a little kindling.

ii. I know we’re not supposed to be saved by other people. I know I’m not broken. all I’m saying is, maybe you make it a little easier for me to find myself again. when my pulse thrums faster around you, I know I’m alive.

iii. thank you for making me smile just a little more. thank you for letting me, for so many moments, be genuinely happy. my cheeks ache around you and there has never been a better pain.


Dear Heart,

Why do you feel heavier and heavier in my chest everyday?

Dear Ribs,

You. You are doing a terrible job of keeping Heart caged in. Stop letting it out to sit on my sleeve.

Dear Lungs,

Is the moon really that beautiful, that it takes your breath away?

Dear Mouth,

I don’t remember what you look like when you’re smiling.

Dear Eyes,

Stop looking for boys who can’t love you back. I’m tired of falling for them.

Dear Knees,

Stop buckling when Eyes see boys that can’t love you back.

Dear Head,

Please stop pounding- I can’t hear anything over these tsunami tides crashing against my skull.

Dear Hands,

Stop shaking. Stop shaking. Stop shaking. Stop shaking.

Dear Heart,

I know you are only held together by super glue and loose strings but please, don’t fall apart on me.

—  4.10 A Letter to my Body // m.m.c.
She runs her fingers through your hair, and you do not know how the earth existed before her.
There is stardust in her eyes and lava flowing through her bones.
You think, there is no world without her.
You think, without her, there would be no colors, no butterflies, no air.
She is fiery red and calming blue and everything in between, and she is the reason for it all.
She is doe-eyed gaze, and you go blind for everything but her.
You need her to breathe, no, to live, to love.
Without her, your heart would not scream her name.
You could never live in that kind of a world.
—  Without Her
I said I’d never write another poem about you,
but everything is a metaphor for the way that we left each other.
Birds flying south for the winter. Rivers running to the sea.
The moon stuck struggling in its orbit
and never really going anywhere
at all.

The other day a coworker asked me how you’ve been
and I thought that he was joking. It took me
a full minute to put it together.

I’ve gotten so good about not flinching at the sound of your name
that people don’t know I’d still throw myself
mouth-open into the ocean
for the chance to drown somewhere you might see it.

“This Is What Baggage Looks Like” Trista Mateer (23 of 30)

after Ashe Vernon 

Between the pages of an unwritten book,
You’ll find the life of two girls.
The darker one has a pen in her hand
She can write you a memoir in under an hour,
Her full lips can tell you the secret of life.
The taller one has a camera hanging from her neck
She can show you the nasty side of the world,
But her chubby arms know exactly when to hug you.
The one with the pen keeps on writing about the pictures,
The one with the camera won’t shut up about the poems.
In between these pages, in between these girls
You’ll find hate and guilt and anger and frustration,
But they are friends.
They have long ago mastered the art of finding each other
They have memorized the way out
Of the labyrinth of each others hearts.
They have been in this for far too long,
They are in this way too deep.
—  “Poison or friendship?” they ask themselves everyday. (quitefearless)
You look at her for just a moment, and you realize how you could never let her go.
She is sparkling eyes and gentle smile, and she is life itself.
For you, she is in every breath, in every heartbeat.
Without her, you think, you would be blind.
She is the burning sun in this dark world, and you do not know how to survive when she is not by her side.
You do not know what you will do when she is gone.
—  Goodbyes
Sometimes, when you look at her, you learn what it means to live all over again.
She is sun-kissed cheeks and ocean eyes, and there is something beautiful about it all.
When your lips are on hers, you think you can taste a hint of hibiscus.
She touches you, and you see the world for all its brightness.
She touches you, and you see nothing but her.
It could be the way her hair cascades to the ground, or the way the earth seems to curl up to meet her.
You say her name, and she blossoms before your very eyes.
She takes your hand in yours, and the sunshine has never felt so right.
Somehow, she has made her way into the cracks of your heart, and she will never leave.
—  Flower Girl
Come to me with your head bowed.
Come to me with your battle and your blood,
with your teeth full of fight,
with your gut spread out on the kitchen floor:
all those love letters you pulled out of the inside of yourself.
Come to me with your anxiety and your panic.
Come to me with your grey areas
and I will greet you with glitter.
I will greet you like Venus in her clam shell.
All I have to offer you is everything.
—  Trista Mateer (25 of 30)
I ask him ‘have you ever been in love?’
He says 'kids’ stuff’
and he spits in the dirt.
—  Excerpt from “Conversations With The Last Boy That Kissed Me” // d.a.s