I have been able to play fading glory about five times now. Only the waterloo game and without any optional rules. Fading glory is a GMT collaboration with Victory point games. It is basically a collection of four games from VP’s Napolionic 20 series. The 20 means that each game will never have more than 20 counters on the board. It also uses a basic rule set across each title, and adds five or so specific rules for each game. It has a very short sequence of play were each player on there turn draws a random event then conducts movement and then combat follows. It uses what is referred to as sticky ZOC’s so once you get next to an enemy you can’t leave unless forced to retreat. All enemies that become engaged must also be attacked. This can make for some interesting situations were one of your units must attack twice, this usually isn’t good. I feel I have a pretty good handle on the system but haven’t played the same person more than twice so they get a good handle on the it. The combat chart is kinda harsh, it its really hard to get attack bonuses if your opponent knows how to keep a line and use terrain. The random events aren’t always good and have a way of foiling your best laid plans. This can be difficult for people especially new players trying to figure it all out. However I think if you use good Napolionic tactics, maintain a line and don’t get out maneuvered you can negate the bad events and survive bad roles. Overall I think it is a great way to start out in wargames or even a good “next step” game.