napoleonic society

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gallya prompt: it's totally cheesy and has def been done before but rather than have their first kiss mean something, they have to use it for a cover because the guys they were arguing a little too loudly so their marks started tailing them and that was their only way out. It totally wasn't because they wanted to or anything *snort*

I had to write this rather quickly, but here it is! I definitely took the troupe and ran with it and just had fun! 

“Your mark is doubting your abilities again, Peril. You have a tail.” Napoleon drawled, stepping out from behind a pillar.

Illya had his arm wrapped around hers, looking every inch the fiancée he was pretending to be. “Will you never learn, Cowboy? They have been following us since we left the market, one is dressed in white and the other has a scar along his forearm. Now leave us before you blow our cover.” She could feel the deep vibrations of his accented English and shivered.

Would Napoleon ever learn? Illya knew what he was doing and even she was impressed and surprised he noticed a scar, normally obstructed from view, from so far away.

“Don’t let this be another Italy. Don’t lose it on us and blow the entire mission, Peril.” Napoleon warned.

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