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Its been a while since we’ve done another interview,so we’ve decided to start them back up again (and naturally) with the one and only Jae Stephens (aka Beyoncebeytwice,tumblr queen,and the next pop queen). If you haven’t already checked out her blog,or youtube videos,were really sorry (you’re missing out).

So now,without further ado….

Music is clearly a passion for you,(and rightly so)when did you first get into music,and realize that you wanted to pursue it?

- I was inspired to start singing because of the mother of all talent shows aka “Popstars” that used to come on TV when I was like 4! My mom says I never really started singing around the house until that show came on. I didn’t start pursuing it professionally until I hit 10 once I won a talent show and realized that I was actually kinda good at it.

Is music something you see yourself doing as career or are you interested in other routes?

- I’ve always been the type that’s like “ahh singing is all I’m good at!! If I don’t make it as a singer, I’m gonna fail in life and end up on the street!” so music has always been my #1 career choice. But lately I’ve been looking into more behind-the-scenes stuff like writing and producing, which are 2 things I’ve really come to love these past few years. If I go any route other than singing, it’ll still have to do with music in some kind of way.

Favorite candy?

- Let’s be real, you can’t go wrong with Reese’s peanut butter cups.

How do you overcome nerves when you perform?

- I honestly have no remedies… I kinda just force myself to do it. Not in a “ok just get it overwith it’ll be over in a couple seconds” kind of way but in a “you can do it, you can’t not do it, go do it go do it.” I think I talk to myself a lot before I perform.

Celeb crush?

- Uhhh I have too many? Zayn Malik has always been number one in my heart though.

Whats the writing process for you?

- Lately I’ve tried to create a strict writing process for myself but I’ve found that nothing good ever comes out of me myself to sit down and write a song if I’m just not feeling inspired. The last 4 songs I’ve written have come from pictures I’ve seen on Tumblr, like a quote or a message or something, so I’ll write a lyric around that and then write another one that rhymes with it and just go from there until I feel like there’s nothing left to say. It’s kind of a messy process but it seems to work. Like, that’s how Killing Time was written.

Do you think social media platforms ( like tumblr) are a positive or negative?

- Just like with anything, I think it’s great but too much of it can be a bad thing. I can spend hours on end on the internet because I love talking to people and laughing at stuff and learning new things but, of course, I have to take breaks every now and then because all of the stuff on the internet can really get to your head and it’s good to clear it out every few days.

Whats a go-to outfit for you?

- A few weeks ago I would’ve said crop top, jeans, oversized jean jacket and Dr Martens. But it’s pretty warm outside so now it’s crop top, tennis shoes, and shorts. High-waisted of course.

Current song obsession?

- Too many! I’ve been on an insane music kick this summer! Recent favorites are “90s Music” by Kimbra, “Goddess” by Banks and “Another’s Arms” by Coldplay.

Are there people in your life who you feel that you can open up to when you deal with hard stuff?

- My friends know pretty well that I don’t really “open up” to anyone. I don’t think any of them have ever seen me cry now that I think about it, which is kinda weird. When I think of someone I can 100% tell everything to, I think of my mom. She knows everything about me. As for vice-versa, all my friends know they can tell me absolutely anything. I think it’s so important to be loyal!! I don’t necessarily like sharing my issues with others but I 100% back my friends up when they share theirs with me.

What do you think sets apart one musician from another? What makes them special?

- I think it’s so hard for musicians to keep things fresh these days because at this point it may feel like everything’s already been done, so everyone is kind of taking bits of inspiration from everyone. As I figure out what kind of music and sound I’m going for I’m discovering that the best way to set myself apart is just sticking to a clear vision of what I want to do instead of going all over the place and trying to fit every mold. That’s what really differentiates artists for me; how well they know what image and sound they want and how they’re achieving it. That’s why artists like The Neighbourhood with their black & white, or Lana Del Rey with her old money theme, are such big inspirations for me; they’ve got their image, their whole concept laid out, and it really gives a great image of what they’re all about.

Pet peeve?

- I HATE when people don’t give themselves enough credit. This has only recently become a pet peeve of mine because I used to do it to myself all the time. I’d release a cover like “haha this isn’t that good and it’s rushed or whatever and I’m kinda pitchy I hope you like it.” Like, no, it’s good! If I don’t believe it’s good then no one else will, so I can’t keep dumbing down my talents.

Favorite twitter accounts?

- ((okay I spent a lot of time thinking up an answer for this but can I not answer this one bc all my favorites are just my friends and they tweet inappropriate stuff that I don’t think I’d want to recommend to anyone lmao thanks))

What would be your dream venue to perform at?

- I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out my #1 dream venue but I can’t pick just one! I used to have dreams of like, Beyonce-level stadium/arena crowds but that’s really not my goal anymore. I’d love to do shows at The Wiltern and The El Rey here in LA because they’re beautiful and pretty spacious but still intimate. Another huge goal is to do a cover in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in London!

Favorite movie?

- Toss-up between Napoleon Dynamite and Angus, Thongs, & Perfect Snogging!

Something that always makes you laugh?

- The first and only thing that comes to mind is Mirandasings videos. Even when I try to tell myself “this is so dumb, this literally isn’t even funny,” I still end up laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

Artists to check out?

- My favorite girl Banks! I saw her last month and I’m seeing her again in October, she’s so beautiful and incredibly talented and cool. Also, LIZ Y2K, Justine Skye, Years & Years, and Nylo are new favorites of mine.

Go to beauty product? 

- I take about 3 tubes (tubes? Do they come in tubes?) of eyeliner with me EVERYWHERE I go. It’s so essential.

Feminism is clearly a big topic on tumblr,whats your take/opinion on it?

- I definitely knew nothing about it before Tumblr. I didn’t have this idea of “ew, feminists hate men and don’t shave!” in my head; I just had no clue what it was. Now I’m 100% for it, and I don’t understand girls that aren’t. I’m glad now I’ve got a good defense against those “feminists hate men and don’t shave” girls that I know, because I definitely know a few (unfortunately) and the best I can do is turn them on to it like Tumblr did for me!

Dream vacation destination?

- I used to dream of beaches but now I just love cities. I wanna go to every big city in the world. Paris, London, and Amsterdam are definitely my top 3.

Any advice for aspiring musicians/bloggers?

- Stick to it! People always ask me how I got so many followers but I don’t have any trick to it, I’ve just been at it for a crazy long time. If you’ve got a clear idea of what you want just go for it and always be humble and reach out to people and the right crowd will come back to you.

Where can we check out your music,and what other social media platforms can we catch you on?

- The go-to place for my music is my Soundcloud, Of course there’s my Twitter, @jaephens, where I do nothing but complain about how bored I am, and Instagram, @jae.mp3, where I try to take pictures to convince people that my life isn’t that boring. And of course Tumblr. I’ll probably be on here till I die. Is that too pessimistic a note to end this on? Whatever, it’s true.

We wanna give a big THANK YOU to Jae for taking the time to be interviewed!

We hope you enjoyed this,and if you like it,message us on who you would like to see be interviewed next! Until then,hope you all are having an amazing Summer!