napoleon dynamite and pedro


Terrible, and I mean like TERRIBLE au where Saitama is Napoleon Dynamite and Genos is Pedro Sanchez. I can’t find the post anywhere, but it also had Kip being King, and Uncle Rico being Sweet Mask.

It’s just too funny to pass up

Edit: I found the link! Courtesy of @phsfg

“ Napoleon is underrated by his peers and is a social outcast. Pedro is napoleons only friend and generally more outgoing. Deb is the fashionable one. Kip is the one chatting up hot babes all day. Uncle Rico is the cocky asshole.”

Saitama Dynamite


Today is National Prom Day and National Tater Day! Celebrate both with Napoleon Dynamite, the breakout comedy hit of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

Only recently added to the U.S. National Day Calendar, today marks the very first National Prom Day. Conversely, U.S. National Tater Day dates back to the 1840s and is the oldest continuous trade day in the U.S.

Still and gif courtesy of Napoleon Dynamite