napoleon did a thing

everyone whos ever interacted with me: please… please stop talking this has been going on for 2 hours

me: reason why Pierre Bezukhov and I are similar #69; we both had a Napoleon phase in which we both glorified him and claimed he did great things, and then later realised that he, well, you know, isn’t that great. While Napoleon did some pretty neat things like indorse vaccines, he also kind of got rid of all the good things that the French Revolution accomplished (those things being the abolition of slavery and the promotion of women’s rights). Both Bezukhov and I also have made Napoleon conspiracies! His being that Napoleon was the antichrist, and mine being that Napoleon was emo when he was 16. I have reciepts.

everyone: r u done yet…..



me: reason number 70, we both wear gl

anonymous asked:

k im not rlly trying to start shit but if you hate the hitler rp blog why do you rp napoleon? he was not as bad as hitler but he was a pretty darn bad guy as well. and both figures existed a long time ago so i mean. eh. who gives a shit anymore?

okay????? when did napoleon commit mass genocide????????????? Hitler was 70 years ago (that’s like your GRANDPARENTS age) whereas Napoleon was OVER 200 YEARS AGO. This is the stupidest thing i’ve been asked lmao. Napoleon actually helped Jews in his empire, expanded on many of the laws we hold to be democratic for equals rights. Napoleon did “””””””awful”””” things because he was often put in a position where he had no choice when EVERY MONARCHY (britain,russia,etc) FELT THREATENED BY HIS IDEAS AND WAS ATTACKING FRANCE. like??  sure he said some vaguely racist/sexist things at times but there has never been any unbiased evidence that he planned to completely destroy an entire race or religion of people. 

in fact a lot of historical documents on napoleon are from BRITISH historians and people who have MADE SHIT UP and gasp…they…might…be…BIASED TO THEIR NATION????? the guy NEVER actually enjoyed seeing people dead in war either so don’t come to my ask and give me that “he was a pretty darn bad guy” bullshit when you’re trying to compare him to an actual murderous scumbag like hitler.

fuck off trying to compare them because that is the same glorified anglo-educated “we won the war!!!” bullshit that’s leading this asshole to think their skinhead edgy ass is OMG SO FUNNY ROFLCOPTER XD!!!!!!