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Terrible, and I mean like TERRIBLE au where Saitama is Napoleon Dynamite and Genos is Pedro Sanchez. I can’t find the post anywhere, but it also had Kip being King, and Uncle Rico being Sweet Mask.

It’s just too funny to pass up

Edit: I found the link! Courtesy of @phsfg

“ Napoleon is underrated by his peers and is a social outcast. Pedro is napoleons only friend and generally more outgoing. Deb is the fashionable one. Kip is the one chatting up hot babes all day. Uncle Rico is the cocky asshole.”

Saitama Dynamite

Thoughts about chapter 855

Ok it happened again, when you try to convince yourself that it’s better to write the review after re-reading the chapter couple of times but you’re just so hyped that you simply can’t wait… !

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A few things we learned about Napoleon Dynamite last night during the 10th Anniversary screening/live commentary:

  • Haylie Duff, who (ironically) played Summer Wheatly, fainted during one of the shooting days because it was so hot. She was revived with lots of Gatorade. 
  • Jon Heder actually owned the Sledgehammer bicycle seen in the film, and his stunt pratfall required multiple takes (and injuries). 
  • Heder was also thrown by the horse at the end of the film.
  • Jon Gries, who plays Uncle Rico, was really a vegetarian and was horrified at the amount of meat he had to eat in the film.
  • The brother of Aaron Ruell (who plays Kip) really bought a time machine online; it looked far less impressive in the film, and all it accomplished was setting off sparks from a plate in his head.
  • Flies appear in almost every scene thanks to a nearby dairy farm with a huge amount of “cow poop.”
  • Fox Searchlight had to bring in a hand model for some of the title cards in the opening credits  due to an “ugly” hangnail on Heder’s hand.
  • Almost every character sniffs something at least once during the film. Uncle Rico and Napoleon do it several times.
  • That incredibly ugly drawing of Trisha was drawn by Heder. He said it took him about a half hour.
  • Director and co-writer Jared Hess actually grew up on a farm and his mom had a llama named Dolly.
  • Deb’s puffy dance dress was inspired by Hess’s wife and co-writer, Jerusha Hess, whose mom made her a similar outfit with huge sleeves to compensate for her slim build.
  • The scene where the cow was shot as a school bus packed with children passed by was based on something Jared Hess saw during his adolescence. Welcome to farm life, he told the crowd.
  • In the post-credits wedding scene, LaFawnduh’s family is played by Shondella Avery’s real relatives.

More details and photos from the night are on the Oscar site.