naples, fl

Seeking a friend who will do 3 day weekend trips with me once a month to various places across the country (ie. two nighters), or someone who will play tour-guide while i’m there and keep me company :) 

Cities on my docket include:
- Nashville, TN
- Austin, TX
- Minneapolis, MN
- Charleston, SC
- Naples, FL

4 to 5 day trips
- Seattle, WA
- Portland, OR
- San Fransisco, CA
- Palm Springs, CA
- Montreal, Quebec
- San Juan, PR 
- Havana, Cuba
- Vancouver, BC

Not all of these are GOING to happen but I just want to keep the momentum up with my traveling and having something to look forward to, now that I have the time and the means. I’m being serious! I would love to have some company on my travels. 

I worked in a small but expensive Chinese restaurant in rich & old town, Naples fl. Well the first story I have is about my boss who owns the business. I was a hostess and I would also bust tables and occasionally help with drinks and food as well as taking reservations and scheduling layout of tables. We only had so many booths and they were the most popular. If you wanted a booth, you would request on for reservations. One night it was extremely busy and I had a group of four people asking for the booth, but I had it reserved for a party who was supposed to be there in 5 minutes. My boss comes over as I’m trying to work out a table for these people and she sits them in the booth. Five minutes later, the customers who requested the booth show up and complain that there isn’t a booth and I tried to explain what happened and they were angry and asked to see my manager. So my boss comes over, checks out the problem and WHILE the man is speaking to her and complaining about their situation, she checks her phone and walks away. I apologized greatly and they left the restaurant.

There were so many pissy costumers there it was terrible but one night a table of 13 older women come in early, just after 5pm. They were incredibly sweet and just happy talkers. The bartender helped them at first since they were placed near the bar. The waiter was a 21 yr old who was just trying to get through college and near the end of their meal, I was helping him bust a table outside when he says to me that their bill came to $500. I was amazed and we joked about the tip and I was like “what if they gave you 100% tip?” And he was like I would kiss their feet. Not 15 minutes later in the back he gets face to face with me and goes “You’re not gonna believe it” and I was like “try me”
They gave him $200 on the card and $300 cash as well as a tip directly to the bartender. Those are the best people ever