'fast food' GLAMOUR style

What is to come is my capsule experience of eating on the go in London when working the classic 9-5 hours. After having spent a week in the Ads department at GLAMOUR (Old Bond Street) I had to quickly adapt to eating on the go, navigating my way in London, getting back, all in one hour and not allowing myself to spend a fortune.

On my first day I had the classic on-the-move lunch and stopped at Pret to pick up a hoisin duck wrap ready to meet a friend over at Vogue House, Hanover Square. Now, it was already twenty minutes into my lunch break, so I did not hesitate to hop on the tube to Oxford Circus then find my way from there - easier said than done. By the time we sat down to eat it was twenty to two and I had barely opened my less than appetising/leaky duck wrap. Wolfing down half a wrap and making a mess of it (careful not to spill on the white silk top I was wearing), I said my goodbyes and dashed off back to Green Park in the summer heat - around about 27 degrees, in the middle of London, muggy, close and NOT IDEAL.

Lesson learnt from first day - do not hang about when it comes to lunch. Know what you’re doing and plan ahead - militant, but necessary. However, tragically I experienced another form of lunching in London as a working girl - eating alone in a park - such a cliche - and yes, I did just that. This time, I grabbed some sushi from M&S in the morning on my way into work as I happened to be early that day - excellent - first hurdle conquered. Second hurdle - being lonely in a park surrounded by groups of people and a foreign family singing songs - CHECK. Not so bad, and perfect if you need to have a lengthy catch up phonecall with someone.

On the third day it was back to Hanover Square with plenty of time to spare and not so much worry about rushing back to the office for bang-on 2 o'clock. This time my friend and I shared an Itsu Sushi platter - 6 california rolls and 5 Sashimi with some seaweed - PERFECT. All for £3.50 each. I even had enough time to spare to navigate my way back to the office by foot! (With the trusty help of Google Maps on my phone)

The fourth day - and the heavens opened! After all of London being stifling and uncomfortably hot, we were ‘blessed’ with rain. I decided not to venture too far and take refuge in the Pret conveniently over the road. There I was with my Cappucino in one hand, and Sushi box in the other, sitting at the window, people watching - not so shabby.

My final day - and all I wanted was a nice sit down in the sun - I took my trusty Itsu Sushi box to the park and sat there perfectly content whilst contemplating the imminent mail merge I had to complete when I headed back to the office.

My tip for eating on the go in London? If you need to save money and you have the time - bring your own food in and take it to the park if it’s a nice day. Alternatively, DO NOT buy unnecessarily, you do NOT need that chocolate bar - you just don’t. If you’re in a rush - sushi or a classic wrap and DO NOT head too far - time flies when you’re headig from A to B in London. My number one idea? Conveniently arrange a business lunch with a client - an excuse to be out of the office for longer, plus you have a great sit down meal of choice!

Fruit - will detox/cleanse your system. Choose snacks such as almonds or dried fruit to keep you going. Coffee - essential - as well as plenty of water.

Remember to eat things that will supply you with enough energy to get you through the afternoon - from the hours of 3-5 the time goes SO slowly.

Places of interest - Itsu, Patisserie Valerie, Napket