Big thanks for all the love today @yama-bato and @camera-raw​!! Every time I think about quitting this project somebody says something encouraging or shares one of my pictures and it really helps spur me on! 

his and hers

afraid of everyone

the all day nap

cat tale

@35mm-stories and @stephengillette who left comments on  keep your eye on the ball :  Jenny has always loved playing ball, but will not retrieve it. Her game is to play goalie, and she refuses to relinquish the ball in her mouth until she’s caught the second ball ( she runs full speed and stops it with her front paws and then makes the rapid switch) Once we realized what position she was playing, and stopped trying to get her to let go of the ball, we have a lot of fun : ) 

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Happy (late) birthday, Syd! :D

This is their character Buttons! I thought with the name Buttons a sneaky alley cat totally makes sense right.

This was a lot of fun to draw and I like how it came out. :D

Syd u r gr9 friend okay ily bye <333

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{1. What’s your favorite way to spend time alone?}

Internet mostly. I rotate between reading, watching whatever show I happen to be currently watching, drawing, and browsing the Internet.

{2. What’s the hardest promise you have ever had to break/keep?}

Pffft I dunno. I’ve never had a serious promise like “If you tell anyone you’ll die” or whatever.

{3. What small thing(s) do you wish was/were different about the world (not the obvious ones like racism or war)?}

I’m not sure about small, but I think it’d be pretty chill if humans were allowed to flip biological genders whenever we felt like it. I wonder what it’s like to be a guy. I like being a girl, but I have to admit I’m curious.

{4. Name something (like a certain food) that you love but don’t get to have often.}

I really like Eggo waffles but they don’t sell them at Costco anymore so I never have them. D:

{5. What was your favorite toy or game as a kid?}

No-brainer. I was glued to my Game Boy.

{6. Have you ever broken a bone?}

Yeah, my right arm when I was in first grade. Someone broke it for me, though, so it wasn’t my fault technically speaking.

{7. What’s your favorite quote or saying?}

This is my senior quote actually: “Apparently this is illegal, but don’t let that stop you.”

{8. If you could bring one person back into your life that you’ve lost touch with, is there someone you would?}

Probably. One person comes to mind.

{9. Do you own any fandom merch? If you have a lot, what’s your favorite piece?}

Hah, of course I do.

And don’t make me pick. Picking favorites is awful for me. I guess my portal gun is rad as heck.

{10. What’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?}

I went ziplining through a jungle in Costa Rica once. Is that risky enough?

{11. Name one thing you like about your personality.}

I think I’m pretty good at giving advice to people, but I always worry it’s going to be bad advice. I think my skill with it comes from my dad being a therapist.

My ten questions:

1. What’s one physical trait you like about yourself?

2. Favorite stuffed animal as a kid?

3. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

4. Do you like horror shows/movies?

5. Procrastinator or do-it-on-time-er?

6. Favorite school subject (Or the one you do best in)?

7. Favorite holiday?

8. Weapons of choice when it comes to art (any art form)?

9. Do you like to go to the beach?

10. One thing you used to be into but now you’re embarrassed about?

11. What’s in your work area; that is to say, where you keep your computer?

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