napalm fire

The world is telling you that he is maybe not the best one for you, and you know that. You know it because his hands leave burns across your dove-feather skin and you can’t get enough of the heat. You can’t get enough and all you want is to be a raging fire, a complete inferno of him, him, him. You want to burn in his arms, become the ash that floats in his lungs. You will dance 1000 years in the chaos that is his eyes, and still never smell the smoke.
—  Poetry At Most, Napalm

Each of my favorite robot masters from the first 6 Megaman classic games, using their weapons, fittingly the best ones from their games.

-Fire Storm is deadly and can be a shield
-Metal Blade… is fucking Metal Blade
-Magnet Missile is as strong as Hard Knuckle and is much faster and homes in on foes
-Dustman is awesome, and his weapon is the weakness of more enemies than any other
-Napalm Bomb… really the only good weapon in 5
-Knightman is a Knight


I leave you tonight with some history. A famous Time photo from the Vietnam war of children running from a napalm attack. The nude girl is the most famous, she was simply known as Napalm Girl. The second photo is of the Vietnamese film crew interviewing her as a person seams to be attending to her burns. The white areas on her back a peeled off skin. And lastly  Kim Phuc now, you can see the results of the napalm burns. She does an occasional tour to speak of her experiences.


This day in history- September 9/10 1942 - A Japanese floatplane flies a mission dropping incendiary bombs on U.S. forests near Brookings Oregon, with the intention of starting a forest fire that would interrupt the American war effort - the only bombing of the continental U.S. during the war.

 On September 9, 1942, a JapaneseYokosuka E14Y floatplane, launched from a Japanese submarine, dropped two incendiary bombs with the intention of starting a forest fire. Thanks to a patrol of fire lookouts and weather conditions not amenable to a fire, the damage done by the attack was minor.The attack was the first time the continental United States was bombed by an enemy aircraft and the second time that the mainland US was bombed by someone working for a foreign power, the first being the bombing of Naco, Arizona by Patrick Murphy. 

 A full investigation was launched by the FBI, which resulted in locating several bomb fragments. The story was reported in several newspapers on September 10, 1942. 

 Twenty years later, the floatplane’s pilot, Nobuo Fujita, was invited back to Brookings. Before he made the trip theJapanese government was assured he would not be tried as a war criminal. In Brookings, Fujita served as Grand Marshal for the local Azalea Festival. At the festival, Fujita presented his family’s 400-year-old samurai sword to the city as a symbol of regret. Fujita made a number of additional visits to Brookings, serving as an “informal ambassador of peace and friendship”.

My sister sits on the mantle
She’s a despot of my nightmares
Controlling the tossing and the turning;
The erratic compass spinning

Modern decomposition is napalm fire
A flame retardant toe-tag
Not worms digging
Not flies swarming

Gold does not tarnish
Gold does not decay
My sister is gold
My sister does not decay


Prompt via @dhritspoetry: “Decay”

•••iconbrown - My Sister Does Not Decay