napalm burn


SYRIA. Aleppo governorate. Aleppo. September 27, 2016. The ruins of Aleppo, reduced to a ghost city, where more than 250,000 civilians are trapped in basements and rudimentary shelters. Stills of a drone footage.

Aleppo is currently experiencing the heaviest bombardment campaign seen in the five year old war. Barrel bombs, phosphorus, napalm, cluster bombs and now bunker buster bombs have been indiscriminately unleashed on rebel-held areas. The airstrikes have killed hundreds, most of them civilians, especially children, since the end of a week long ceasefire, ten days ago.

Photographs: Handout via Reuters TV

*sitting in her rocking chair on the front porch sipping tea, the lights of hell reflected in the darkness of my eyes as the Harry Potter fandom ignites with the promise of the phoenix but burns like napalm*

This takes me back…gather round children, let me tell you about a place where the wars were many and no-one won. It was the year 2001, Live Journal was entering the start of it’s decline…

Watching Alone again.

The walker Beth shoots at the beginning was definitely a turned cop from GMH. He has a 9mm with a belt on as well as what looks like it could be the undershirt of a cop uniform.

The funeral home is too clean. That’s all Dawn right there.

Hanson is definitely the one on display.

And the other two downstairs. One with what looks like napalm burns on his face. They definitely both look like they could have been cops.

The dog going to the door reminds me of something I’ve heard the Taliban do. They send a dog to try and make nice with soldiers. They want to count, see how many there are. Distract them.

I think the dog was meant to be a distraction all along.

The cops from GMH were watching all along.

There is still stuff that needs to be explained.

Not sure what; but this isn’t over.


I leave you tonight with some history. A famous Time photo from the Vietnam war of children running from a napalm attack. The nude girl is the most famous, she was simply known as Napalm Girl. The second photo is of the Vietnamese film crew interviewing her as a person seams to be attending to her burns. The white areas on her back a peeled off skin. And lastly  Kim Phuc now, you can see the results of the napalm burns. She does an occasional tour to speak of her experiences.