napalm bomb

İnsanlar her şeyi kararlaştırmışlar, her şeyi üstlerine almışlardı. Onlar sağlamdı, onlar güçlüydü, karar hakkı onlarındı, karar vermişler ve kendi şeflerini seçmişlerdi, ayaktaydılar; o kendilerine özgü önemli ve kaygılı tavırlarıyla dünyanın dört bir bucağına gidip geliyorlardı; dünyanın kaderini kendi elleriyle düzene koyuyor, kocaman birer çocuk olan zavallı hastaların geleceğini elinde tutuyorlardı. Ve sonuç buydu işte: savaş, hem de en âlâ tarafından! Neden, neden onların ahmaklıklarının bedelini ben ödeyeyim?

                                     Jean-Paul Sartre- Yaşanmayan Zaman

huong1952: Of Love and War (Part Two)

(The Napalmed Face of a Friend)

This is a Celebration of

A Bilaterally Asymmetrical Beauty.

Even though only one eye remains on your face

And your smile is halved

With only your right ear

You can still hear

My stifled laughter


The undercurrent of heart-rending shakes.

Your Napalmed Face

Melted skin and flesh

Cheekbone disintergrated in the heat

Fused with eye socket.

Forgive me My Friend Dearest of All

I feel small

I cannot fathom the pain

Physical and mental

Body and soul.

But I can see in your half burnt out face

Its mirror image

The softness of your smile

That humour in your remaining eye

The sparkling light

The love of a precious life.

My Friend Dearest

You are never a casualty of war.


Most likely

More than ever

You are

The Badge of Courage

The Purple Heart

Of Human Compassion and Forgiveness.

Let’s Celebrate

With Tears and Smiles

The Bilateral Asymmetry of Beauty

In Your Napalmed Face.

(For A Dear Friend-A War Correspondence Reporter

South VietNam 1974)

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Hyperdermic Needlz | Always [Raw Mix] | 1995

Underground duo from New York, formed by Napalm Bomb and Non DaScrip. They only released the 12-inch “Always” b/w “Word Up” on their own label Cook Rock Records, in both vinyl and cassette, although the cassette version contains two more additional tracks. Their 12-inch also marked the album debut of another hot indy name from the late 90′s, MC Breez Evahflowin from The Juggaknots.


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An Ecuadorian Air Force IAI Kfir aeroplane drops napalm on a target during Dominic “Blue Horizon”, a US-Ecuador joint military exercise.

Napalm is a thickening/gelling agent generally mixed with petroleum or a similar fuel for use in an incendiary device, primarily as an anti-personnel weapon. “Napalm” is a combination of the names of two of the constituents of the gel: naphthenic acid and palmitic acid.

“Napalm B” is the more modern version of napalm and, although distinctly different in its chemical composition, it is often referred to simply as “napalm”.[1]

Colloquially, napalm has been used as the generic name of several flammable liquids used in warfare, often forms of jellied gasoline, such as to be expelled by flamethrowers in infantry and armored warfare.[1]