napalm attack


The 1960s were an awfully turbulent time.


1. First man on the moon.

2. Vietnamese children running from the site of a napalm attack.

3. MLK in the march from Selma to Montgomery.

4. The self immolation of a Buddhist monk in protest of governmental anti-buddhist policies in South Vietnam.

5. Flowers are placed on the bayonets at an anti-war protest, otherwise known as “flower power”.

6. Woodstock music festival, attended by an estimated half million people.

7. The Beatles

8. Marilyn Monroe, who died August 5th, 1962.

9. President John F. Kennedy.

10. Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in to office after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

TOME 2009 Original Concept Art (Part 3)

The dynamic duo of the D-Bug Org! Rockoon originally had a bit of a scarier and more-realistic look going on; looks more like a dog or something. The expressions show him as a bit more “lol teh random” before he was refined and fleshed out to the adorable little troublemaker we know and love him as now. Doubling’s design remained the same; simple and easy to draw. The ends of his fingers and feet were a bit blockier and he used to have a fat form instead of a big beefy form like in Episode 01. Sadly the twisty tornado attack to repel projectiles never got used, while the “Gel Dragon” move was given to his sister instead.

Ravenfreak was too fabulous to change, other than his diamond-shaped mouth. Demonking was mostly the same as well, other than his ears and hair being expanded a little. His wings look a bit different here, but that might’ve just been due to the lack of room on the page.

Splat was as crass as ever. I added eyes to her helmet and took away from the slime wrapped around her boots, but I kept the intention of making her kinda gross. I think the veins forming on her were for some sort of napalm-esque attack, while the other sketches were just random ideas. Dustbunny went through a few more revisions after this, but I wanted to make sure the bunny ears were her actual ears and not a decoration, I kept the little buck-tooth for her but took away the weird-looking marbles on the end of her eyebrows. Her dagger also had a bit of a smoke-plume design to the guard.

Only major revisions to Neomutant’s design messing with the pointy angles on his legs, giving his head more of its own shape and finalizing the shapes of the eye-holes on his mask. I remember Mike Luckas really liking the sort of “crappy Halloween costume” motif. You can see a test of his electric beam attack up at the top as well.

Finally, the lost character of Torchure (based on “Torben” from TTA) revealed! He was meant to be like a flamethrower cross-bred with a robot. I gave him three legs with rockets on them and two intimidating-looking gun hands. If he were to’ve survived being in the series, I probably would’ve given him different eyes, though. Thorment, then known as “Tormentros” like his TTA counterpart, remained relatively the same all throughout. Only minor changes were the top of his cloak, his pupils were removed and the pattern on the ends of the cloak were simplified. You can also spot “Demon Thorment” from the scrapped episode idea, sporting the infected Drain Edge from after Nylocke tossed it away to the ;sanctuary region.

Two of the moderators: an unused character named Anidoug (who would’ve been a lazy and grumpy mod for ;lavendera) as well as “PaperAceChase”, who eventually became ;sanctuary moderator ChaseAce. Anidoug was considered for use in Episode 04, but lost to Triplebeard the quest-giver. ChaseAce went through a major design change to fit the designs of the other robotic mods seen in the show. We can also see Pawneeko, back when he was still “Nico”, originally meant to be a merchant…a legal one, not a rip-off artist.


Was doing a bit of research for my dissertation and came across an article on this photo. I’ve known it well since we were shown it in a presentation at school about 8 years ago and since then it’s come up a lot at uni, especially since I started a dissertation on death. But I had no idea the photographer, Nick Ut, had taken the girl to hospital after he’d taken it. That’s her in the middle and him on the right in the second photo, taken 40 years later.

Made my quite happy to learn this having read quite a lot about photojournalism photographers who shot similar subjects then left (Kevin Carter’s shot of the starving girl being a prime example). I understand why people do it but still makes you start to wonder if photographers can be a bit heartless sometimes…

(article here)

On the first picture, a nine-years-old Kim Phúc is running naked on the road, burnt by a South Vietnamese napalm attack. 

First known for being “the girl in the picture”, she is now president of her own association, fighting for child victims of war to be helped medically and psychologically, praising love and compassion.

She is my favourite woman figure in history.