napalm attack


The 1960s were an awfully turbulent time.


1. First man on the moon.

2. Vietnamese children running from the site of a napalm attack.

3. MLK in the march from Selma to Montgomery.

4. The self immolation of a Buddhist monk in protest of governmental anti-buddhist policies in South Vietnam.

5. Flowers are placed on the bayonets at an anti-war protest, otherwise known as “flower power”.

6. Woodstock music festival, attended by an estimated half million people.

7. The Beatles

8. Marilyn Monroe, who died August 5th, 1962.

9. President John F. Kennedy.

10. Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in to office after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


Was doing a bit of research for my dissertation and came across an article on this photo. I’ve known it well since we were shown it in a presentation at school about 8 years ago and since then it’s come up a lot at uni, especially since I started a dissertation on death. But I had no idea the photographer, Nick Ut, had taken the girl to hospital after he’d taken it. That’s her in the middle and him on the right in the second photo, taken 40 years later.

Made my quite happy to learn this having read quite a lot about photojournalism photographers who shot similar subjects then left (Kevin Carter’s shot of the starving girl being a prime example). I understand why people do it but still makes you start to wonder if photographers can be a bit heartless sometimes…

(article here)