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Photos by my brother, a volunteer firefighter in Northern California, currently assisting with the Tubbs Fire as it assaults areas of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County.

I was born in Santa Rosa and raised in Sonoma County, it’s surreal to see my home city go up in flames. Since last night, the Tubbs Fire has grown from 200 acres to 20,000 and has destroyed over 1500 structures. Many of our firefighters in San Diego have already left to fight the fires in NorCal, while fires now break out in areas of SoCal. It’s a mess, let me tell you.

If you can afford to donate to relief efforts, please do so. A simple Google Search of the Tubbs Fire will bring-up a donation option. If you can’t donate, please reblog and signal boost, the effort is much appreciated.

I don’t know why the wildfires in Sonoma and Napa counties are not trending more, or why this news is not more widespread, but the devastation in the North Bay is phenomenal. 16 are dead (this death toll continues to rise), 2,000 homes- ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOODS- HAVE BEEN DESTROYED, 115,000 acres so far have been burned, and 183 people re unaccounted for.

We are all living out our worst nightmares as this beautiful place we call our homes is being desecrated by wildfires that continue to burn. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE HOMELESS. TENS OF THOUSANDS HAVE EVACUATED.

Please spread the word. Please find a way to help out. Please don’t let Eminem or Donald Trump or Harvey Weinstein be what everyone is talking about.

Help us.

Please pray for Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino County, CA. There are several serious fires, high-speed winds, and over 1,500 houses and buildings have already been destroyed. Everyone in my city also had to be evacuated starting at midnight, October 9th.

*Update* Over 73,000 acres have been destroyed. Ash and smoke are clouding the sky as far as the eye can see. This is one of the worst fires in California history.

*Update* Over 115,000 acres and 2,000 buildings have been destroyed, and 16 people have been killed.

*Update* 23 have died, 170,000 acres have been burned, and there are also fires in Mendocino, Solano, and Yuba county. In addition, the Marin fire has been contained and put out.
Governor declares emergency as wildfires ravage Sonoma and Napa counties, forcing mass evacuations in wine country
Hundreds have evacuated as multiple fires burn in Napa Valley and Sonoma.
By Sonali Kohli

This seems to have come out of nowhere! Several famous vineyards are probably destroyed. 1500 structures burned down. One fire (Tubbs fire) is 35,000 acres, another is 8,000 to 12,000 acres. Total burning acreage now 57,000. 14 fires over eight counties. Part of the town of Santa Rosa is evacuated.


The vast devastation over just a few hours made this firestorm one of the worst in California history, with Gov. Jerry Brown declaring a state of emergency.

No deaths have been reported, but there have been injuries and people are unaccounted for, said Janet Upton, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. She could not estimate the number of injuries.

One of the raging fires had Santa Rosa under siege Monday morning, with a large swath of the city north of downtown under evacuation order.

The fast-moving fire jumped the 101 Freeway, forcing hospitals to be evacuated and, witnesses said, burning homes and businesses.

The area of Fountaingrove appeared to be particularly hard hit, with photos showing numerous homes on fire. The Fountaingrove Inn and a Hilton hotel also burned. Officials said homes were also lost in the community of Kenwood and at a mobile home park off the 101 Freeway.

While many evacuation centers were set up, some were filled to capacity due to the large number of people fleeing.

The Tubbs fire near Santa Rosa has burned more than 35,000 acres as of 6:40 a.m., Napa County Supervisor Diane Dillon said during a televised press conference Monday morning. Officials said the other large fire in Napa County — Atlas Peak — has reached between 8,000 and 12,000 acres.

Smoke from the fires drifted into the Bay Area, into San Francisco and as far south as San Jose.

In Santa Rosa, Kaiser Permanente Hospital and Sutter Hospital were evacuated.

The status of Safari West, a small zoo in Santa Rosa, was unknown Monday morning. The zoo is known for its rhinos, giraffes, zebras and other animals. Santa Rosa wildlife preserve Safari West posted on its Facebook page Monday morning that “for the moment, it looks like our preserve and our animals are ok.”
At least 10 dead, 1,500 structures lost in Northern California firestorm, among worst in state's history

The smell of smoke is everywhere throughout the county, Napa County spokeswoman Kristi Jourdan said.
All scheduled appointments and surgeries have been canceled for the day in Santa Rosa and the Napa medical offices.The Santa Rosa fire began around 10 p.m.
There are three evacuation centers for Napa County residents, though one the Crosswalk Community Church is full, she said.
Late Sunday night, Ken Moholt-Siebert noticed the smell of the smoke from his Santa Rosa vineyard just off Highway 101.
In addition, two died because of the Atlas fire in Napa County, said a CalFire spokesperson.

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