Whitney (@Nap85) has FINALLY made her 4th length check video. It’s almost been a year since her last one and I’ve been itching for her to update us.

Her hair has gotten so long, and she is so pregnant, now! I love her!

Check out the video and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel. I’m going to watch this video like 3 more times as I wait for my hair to get to her length. I definitely need to invest in some of Fran’s Patience for hair growth.

Can’t wait until my first length check video this December, and I hope you can’t either.

So at the end of Naptural85’s she puts messages from people on Facebook and Twitter. Her last video somebody said something about her vlogging less, being out of breath, tired and hiding her stomach with a pillow… It could be nothing buttt it could also mean that she’s pregnant and the thought of Olivia having a little brother or sister makes me so happy😩 I probably sound creepy cus I don’t even know them but I would be so happy lmao

Maybe she is and doesn’t want to say anything yet..I mean why else would she put it in her video right..probably just to mess with


Awh this made me smile c,:


For the “naturals”, its so easy to run out of hair style ideas, check out this video from one of my favorite vloggers.

-P :)