nap time soon

She is bunny saint..

I swear, if anybody needs proof that my friend in the Czech Republic is a saint and just an angel of selfless acts, there you go…

No message attached to it—no comment about how I might need it or anything or talk of commission (though I so badly want to do one for her right now)—just ‘here is this money I was able to save up’, basically, as she is looking for places to stay away from her controlling parents.

I swear, I do not deserve her and her sweetness. ♥

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fluffy SF bros and their S/Os relationship headcanons?



  • Burys his head in your chest.
  • Makes you all sorts of extravagant desserts.  They’re all really pretty too.
  • Secretly a hopeless romantic but still scared to get things wrong. 
  • He loves to paint and will insist you pose nude for him. Jokingly… ( not really) He got the idea from Titanic when you watched it together on one of your date nights.
  • Loves to bake with you and tolerates the sticky sweet messes you make in the kitchen cause you’re just too darn cute…
  • He likes to play those fantasy games with you and be the big bad handsome villain who steals you away….(roleplay!!)
  • He likes to just lift you up sometimes to fluster and squeeze you. He’s much stronger than he looks.


  • Whenever you cuddle he is always enveloping you entirely and holding you tight. You’re not wiggling out of that any time soon.
  • Naps naps naps naps naps naps–
  • He likes to nibble on you sometimes ironically and unironically. His fangs are hard but not too sharp.
  • Nuzzles into your neck sometimes just to make you blush.
  • Likes to bury his face in your hair too cause it always smells nice to him.
  • Lets you wear his jacket/hoodie around especially when it’s cold out. It smells like honey and smoke and he thinks you look adorable in it.
  • Forehead bumps. Likes to just sit in silence and look at you sometimes. He feels so damn lucky to have you.
  • He cuddles like an animal though seriously.