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I need you to take a moment of silence and think about this: just how special it must’ve been to both Jimin and Jungkook for them to wait a decade until FESTA-a very meaningful event to both BTS and Armys-to drop the cover.

i went camping this weekend and despite not rlly sleeping heavily since the ground was hard + it was colder than i thought it’d be, I still slept longer than I have in weeks, I mean, I still had a nightmare and it wasn’t deep sleep, but that’s still,, impressive for me

hello allergies my old friend, come to fuck me up again

Napping Nerds. Companion art to the nap date~

title Frosty
summary Pass the pina colada.
pairing Itasaku

I will never be over this pairing. And I will never be over this dynamic.

“You’re a fucking mess.”

His bag landed in a heap in his lap. The corner of his name tag dug into his wrist. The slam of the door rattled deep into his bones.

Fingers trembling, he fumbled with his phone. Blood smeared as he dragged his finger across the screen. The light burned his eyes. He waited, gasping down shaky breaths as the phone rang and rang. 

A groan answered him.


“I…I… Sasuke… Sas-”

“Nii-san, what’s wrong with you? Ugh, it’s almost 3. Go to bed,” snapped his younger brother. The line disconnected with a cold beep. 

Clenching his phone in his hands, Itachi pressed his face to his knees. His head was spinning. The ground was roiling and shifting underneath him. The sounds of the city assaulted his eardrums. Sirens blared. Music pounded out from the building behind him. He felt sick to his stomach. 

And suddenly he heard footsteps approach. Crunching over dead leaves. Kicking aside a glass bottle. They slowed.

They stopped just in front of him. 

“Hey, are you okay?” a woman’s voice asked him. 

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If you're still writing prompts, could you do number 7? With Isaac x Reader? You're the cooliest! 😁xo

 A/n: Don’t try this at school. XD

There’s a reason that you distance yourself from Isaac when you have a class together.

He’s just so distracting. The way his shirt pulls taut against his biceps when he bends his arms, the way the back rides up a little when he bends forward. The bow of his lips drives you crazy, especially when he’s wearing that cocky smirk he gets when he knows you’re looking.

So, really, ending up as lab partners in Chemistry? Recipe for disaster.

You try to explain this to Harris but he hates you almost as much as he hates Stiles so, the more you try to get out of being Isaac’s partner, the more firm he is in his decision.

“Don’t worry,” Isaac whispers when you settle into your seat. “I’ll try not to distract you too much.”

You bang your head against the desk. You really should never have told Isaac what he does to you but you figured as your kinda boyfriend, he could be trusted not to torment you about it. Wrong.

“Would you care to join the rest of the class in doing the assignment, (Y/n)?” Harris sneers at you. “Or do you plan on napping the entire time?”

As soon as he’s out of sight, moving to check on the other pairs mixing chemicals as their worksheet instructs, you roll your eyes.

Isaac is still smirking at you but you do your best to ignore it and get to work.

You pour flask A into the graduated cylinder and reach for the second flask just as Isaac’s hand grazes your side. You fumble the flask and almost tip it over.

“Sorry,” Isaac says but even if you weren’t looking you could hear the smugness in his tone. He’s not sorry.

You bite your lip and calm yourself, reaching for the flask again. You’re about to combine the contents of the flask with the contents of flask A when his hand rests on your thigh and squeezes.

You drop the flask and hurry to back away from the table as the glass shatters, spilling the liquid inside all over the floor.

“It’s a good thing I don’t trust you incompetents with anything that’s actually dangerous,” Harris mutters as he glares down at the floor. “Clean that up. And since you can’t be bothered to do your assignment correctly in class, you can write an essay on lab safety in detention.”

You and Isaac groan in unison and move to get a broom and some paper towels. He keeps sneaking glances at you as you both mop up the spill.

Stop looking at me like that, it’s your fault anyway,” you say petulantly.

When you look up at Isaac, he’s biting back a smile.

“You’re not cute,” you tell him.

It’s not a secret to anyone that you’re a lying liar who lies.

“I’m looking forward to detention,” Isaac whispers when Harris isn’t looking.

You maybe hate him a little. Except you really don’t. You’re not too worried about it. You’ll pay him back later, in private.

Because He Grinds ----> an olicity drabble fic

“This. Is. Ridiculous. Felicity.”

Felicity ignored Oliver and continued to fill out the form the receptionist had just handed them.

“I don’t need a mouth guard.”

Oliver shoved off from the chair and began to pace the tight waiting room. A mom and her preteen son watched him, the mom pulling her son closer into her side.

Felicity rolled her eyes when Oliver reached the end of the room in three strides and stopped short with his nose almost pressed to the glass of a framed poster. He took a step back and glared, actually “Arrow” scowled at the poster showing the horrors of not flossing regularly.

He sighed, dramatically, and turned to stomp back. But the office door opened just then, flung wide and flung shockingly hard by a little blond pixie in pigtails and a green fairy outfit.

“DON’T WORRY!” the little girl yelled as she planted herself akimbo in the center of the tiny room. “The Tooth Fairy Tinkerbell is here!”

“What the?!” Oliver was muttering and rubbing his chin that had stopped the door.

“The Tooth Fairy, silly!” The little girl hopped over and gripped Oliver’s hand with both of hers. He looked up in confusion but Felicity continued to fill out the forms.

“Uh,” he forced a smile.

But the fairy’s mother joined them at that point, offering an apology as she steered her chatting daughter away.

Oliver resumed his seat at Felicity’s elbow. “Why are you the one filling those out anyway?”

She tipped her head to look at him. “Really? You want to do the paperwork.”

He shrugged. “It is my dentist appointment, so, I guess I should.”

She grinned. “Is that your way of asking? Because I have no desire to do these. I just thought it would be faster.”

“Faster than the person the forms belong to?”

“Ok, here.” She shoved the clipboard into his chest and sat back, grabbing the only slightly old celebrity magazine from a pile and starting to flip through it.

Oliver cleared his throat and focused. Felicity watched out the corner of her eye. She saw him skip a few lines and boxes, fill in a few things, and skip more.

After a couple minutes, he growled. “Fine.” He presented the clipboard and forms back to her and she chuckled. “Oh be quiet. I had five y—”

“Oh no! You can not keep using that excuse!” She pressed her finger to his lips to shush him, and her laugh caught in her throat.

He didn’t move. He just looked back at her, his eyebrows raised, his hand still holding one end of the clipboard. Felicity stopped talking and let out a tiny, shuddering breath before she yanked her finger away and yanked the clipboard away as well.

They sat silently as Felicity finished the forms. Oliver sat as still as a statue except for his index finger and thumb of his right hand. He couldn’t stop, or didn’t notice, them fidgeting and rubbing.

It was a nervous tell and Felicity inwardly sighed. “Why don’t you like the dentist? You were fine at the doctor.”

He stopping his fingers by making a fist. He took a deep breath. “I, uh, I get claustrophobic, sort of…when…I can’t swallow or close my mouth until they say…” His fingers started up again.

Felicity reached out and covered his hand with hers. “Ok.” He glanced at their hands and then up at her face. She smiled, trying to tell him she knew he was talking about the torture that they never talk about.

He nodded. “Thanks for filling them out,” he stood suddenly, took the clipboard and walked over to the desk to hand them in.

The following four minutes of waiting for his turn were the longest in history. She pretended to do stuff on her phone while he pretended he was fine just sitting next to her when all he wanted to do was run out, suit up, and pick a fight.

“Oliver Queen?” called a dental assistant from the doorway to the back.

“You, uh, want me to come with you, or, wait here…?” But instead of speaking, he gripped her hand and threaded their fingers. She smiled through her surprise at the tender act and nodded.

“How are you today, Oliver?” The dental assistant chatted but never really seemed to wait for an answer, which was fine with the two friends awkwardly holding hands behind her. “And here’s us, go ahead and have a seat in the chair, your friend can sit there,” the dental assistant motioned and smiled.

“Thanks,” Felicity pulled her fingers from Oliver’s and tried to ignore the flutter she felt as he looked around quickly to see where she was.

“So you think a night bite guard is in order, huh?” Oliver just nodded.

“Yeah, he…has, had, uh, a stressful job and grinds his teeth, so,” Felicity blushed when the dental assistant raised her eyebrows. “I mean, he says he doesn’t grind but he does, clenches his jaw a lot and grinds, er, I mean, not that I know, like first hand.”

Oliver’s lips twitched.

“Ok, we will just start with a cleaning since you are past due, and then the dentist will come examine and then make a mold if needed, ok?”

Again he just nodded. “Oh!” Felicity slid her chair closer so she could look over Oliver to the dental assistant. “He gets a little claustrophobic when he can’t close his mouth, so if you could let him do so more often than normal that would be great.”

“Very common, no problem.” Oliver thanked the dental assistant and settled back as she adjusted the chair. But it only took a minute or so before Felicity looked up from her phone and saw his fingers twitching.

“Oliver,” she said in a quiet, shushing tone and she wrapped both her hands around his large hand. She ignored the smile she saw peeking from behind the dental assistant’s mask.

The cleaning went well, as did the exam, which did show Oliver could benefit from wearing a bite guard at night. But as the time came for the mold, Oliver’s anxiety was clearly raising.

Even when the dentist assured him it was a quick set. So Felicity readjusted her hold on his hand and started to talk about the office politics at her new job. (It was just a little tech firm but it still provided office gossip.)

Oliver kept his eyes firmly on her; her mouth, her nose, her painted purple nails against his rough skin, her eyes flashing behind her glasses, her blonde hair, loose and slightly wavy today…

“And open! All done, Mr. Queen.”

He sat up to rinse and spit. “Really?”

“Yes. Come back tomorrow, we will fit the guard, and that’s it.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Felicity said as Oliver stood and took a few deep breathes.

She moved to follow the assistant back to the front desk when Oliver reached out and touched her arm. She turned and looked at him and her blood froze for a moment as she saw the raw emotion on his face.

“Felicity,” he started to say.

“It’s ok, just helping my friend how hates going to the dentist.” She flashed him her big smile.

He shook his head and stepped closer. She had to look up to see his face. “Thanks for that, yes, but…also…” Their eyes searched the other’s before he broke the connection with a long blink. “Just, thank you.”

“Mmm hmm, sure, always,” she managed to voice. She cleared her throat. “Ok, let’s pay up and get out of here!” She walked away quickly and Oliver frowned as he followed.

He felt like he would never manage to have Felicity Smoak figured out. Things that seemed trivial to him apparently mattered to her while things he felt needed deeper discussion almost never phased her.

When they were outside and about to get into her car, Oliver decided he couldn’t stand her overly casual affect any longer.


“Yes?” She was searching her purse for her keys. He stepped up, took her purse, dropped it at their feet and took her hands. She was making that little “o” mouth again, that “unsure what is happening” mouth.

He took a deep breath but before he could say anything, she did. “Please, Oliver.” He tipped his head in query.

“Please, don’t say…anything that, that you think you have to say. Ok? I just, I don’t think…” She closed her eyes.

Oliver felt his nerves tighten, seeing her about to sigh or pull away or cry.

“No,” he whispered. It made her open her eyes, and yes, they were wet. “No, I’m never doing that to you again.” She nodded and started to pull from his hands. “Felicity.” She sighed and looked down at her feet. “Felicity,” he barely breathed out her name.

She slowly raised her face. Oliver was hyper aware of everything: the heat from the car and parking lot, the other people parking and walking and driving by, the birds, the traffic on the highway a few blocks south, his heartbeat, her pulse under his fingers…the intense desire to kiss her right there in the parking lot for no better reason than the fact that she willingly came and held his hand at the dentist.

“So, are we just going to stand here looking at ea—”

But what better reason was there? He slid his hand around her head and leaned in, softly pressing his lips to hers. When she didn’t try to move away, he pulled her closer with his other hand at her waist. She let out a soft tiny whimper and snaked her arms around his neck.

He smiled and she smiled, which made their lips stop kissing, which made Felicity laugh. He chased that sound and kissed her harder, demanding, and she moaned this time as he pulled her flush against his body.

“Mmmm,” she chuckled.

He pulled back enough to look at her. “What, ‘mmmm’?”

She licked her lips. “You’re so minty fresh, it’s kinda strange,” she laughed.

He raised his eyes to the sky and wrapped her in a tight hug.

“Thank you for coming to the dentist with me, Felicity,” he said into her hair.

“Mmm hmm,” she sighed contently into his chest. “Anytime, Oliver.”

"Blood Drive" - Kurt

Vampires were real. And Kurt Hummel was one of them.

The story of Kurt’s turning. Part 3 of the Wax Verse, set one month before “Show Me Your Teeth“ and nearly a year before ”Wax/Wane.”

Warnings: Violence/assault, blood, thoughts of uh, vampire suicide? Not even sure how to warn for that, but it’s here, briefly.

~4200 words. Shout-out to darrensblainers, who asked about this particular event

For the rest of the out-of-chronological-order verse thus far: Wax Masterpost


Burt yawned from his perch on the living room couch, head resting on his hand as he drowsily tried to watch the tenth episode of the Ice Road Truckers marathon playing in front of him. It was nearing midnight, and he was that sort of sleepy that results from consistent inactivity. He hadn’t done nearly enough that day, in his opinion, stuck on the couch with his teenaged son puttering around him to ensure he didn’t lift a finger.

“Dad, go to sleep. You need your rest,” Kurt said from the kitchen, where he had his hands submerged in a bowl of raw, ground sirloin. He needed to get the meat marinating for the next day, and he’d meant to do it as soon as he got home, but he was running behind on all his usual preparations now that he had taken on all the house responsibilities. Burt had only been home from the hospital for a week, and Kurt would be damned if Burt exerted more energy than was necessary to get him from his room to the couch or bathroom. The food itinerary was fastened to the refrigerator handle, with corresponding pre-made meals organized in tupperware containers inside. Burt thought Kurt was being excessive (and obsessive), and told him as much, but when Burt realized every dose of his medication had its own alarm on his phone, he realized the battle was already lost.

“Remind me, who’s the parent here?” Burt asked, raising his brow at Kurt over the back of the couch.

“The one who’s on strict doctor’s orders to take it easy because he had a heart attack a week ago,” Kurt countered, meeting his father’s eye with his hands resting in the bowl of meat.

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