nap day

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  1. Jidenna - Bambi
  2. Joey Purp ft. Chance the Rapper - Girls @ 
  3. Lorde - Homemade Dynamite
  4. George Ezra - Budapest
  5. Kyle - Doubt It
  7. Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE
  8. The Oral Cigarettes - Kyouran Hey Kids!!
  9. 매드 클라운 - Coffee Copy Girl
  10. Cage the Elephant - Cigarette Daydreams

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After catching up on tumblr I still couldn’t go back to sleep and made couscous to go with my crockpot chicken for lunch and dinner tomorrow, roasted peppers for the next few scrambled egg breakfasts, and made a BLT for now. Also caught up on Camp Camp. 

Still feeling drained

I tried to take a nap but day sleeping can be a challenge for me at times and it just didn’t happen. 

I did get a chance to rest for 30 min, then took a long shower and now I am back at work. Hopefully, I can get to bed early tonight and I may skip a workout tomorrow as well, depending on how I feel. 

Hopefully, this is nothing and I am back at it by Saturday. 


Finally someone is doing something about that damn butler!

Scottie McOttie: Look Corina, I just don’t think this is working out.. You’re useless, You do nothing but nap all day and you never cook enough meals for everyone, the place is a mess and everything is broken…  it’s time for you to go!…

17 month update

I haven’t done a KP update in a while, and since I finally have some time to go on tumblr on a computer, here we go!

Kinsley Paige is 17 months old, 31 inches tall, and 22.4 pounds. 
She is still a pro sleeper, 12 hours overnight and is down to one good nap a day. She is still 100% in her crib, but we are getting ready to transition her to a big girl bed now, probably in 2 weeks (when I have some time off before the school year starts) we’ll make the switch to a twin daybed!
She eats every single thing we present to her. Sometimes not in the amount that we’d like, but she is not picky in the slightest. 

She has 38 words and signs!!!
Momma, Dadda, Teddy, Nana, Pop, Pap, Lijah, eat, more, all done, yeah, no, pout pout, please, open, dip dip, ba ba, ninny, tubby, hot dog, quack, meow, up, puppy, hot, baby, potty, this, apple, cat, bubble, milk, thank you, Kinsley, alligator (I shit you not. We have a pond with a fake alligator and she can clearly say it while pointing to the gator), Princess, blue, yellow. 
& these are just the clear words. She attempts to echo pretty much anything you say, and even gets the intonation and syllables right. She even tries to say sentences but mostly we have no clue what she’s chatting about when she’s babbling on lol

She can complete color sorting activities as well as simple inset puzzles. 

She follows directions so well, such as blowing kisses, clapping, smiling (say cheese), so big, show me your muscles, touch body parts (nose, ears, eyes, belly, tongue, toes, etc), clean up toys, go get pretty much anything we ask, etc etc. 

She can walk, run, climb, jump, walk backwards, balance on one foot, pull herself up in her crib (like, monkey bar style, lifting herself out of the crib), and do a forward roll. 

She has little “chores” that she loves, such as feeding the dog and putting her laundry in the basket. Next up is putting her dishes in the sink! lol

She doesn’t really love television or movies, but every so often she’ll sit down for a few minutes to watch some Sesame Street or Beat Bugs.

She loves to dance and sing, loves babies (both real and her baby dolls), and pretty much any kid she meets she befriends immediately. 

….and thats all I have on my running list in my phone. Poor kid, having a therapist as a mom, I track & collect data on everything haha