Amon is an incredibly advanced bloodbender. Like many highly specialized benders he can sense his element without having to see it. Regular waterbenders can sense/control water out of their sight, earthbenders can feel vibrations through the earth, and firebenders can likely sense heat. In this picture Naotok can feel his brother’s blood, feel him reach for the gas cap. He knows what Tarrlok is about to do.

And he lets him do it.

They have both been steeped in revenge for so long that Amon thinks the only way for him to properly make it up to his brother is to let him have his vengeance.

Random korra headcannon

Ever since the finale when we see Naotok’s face, I can’t help but imagine him making the best expressions under that mask throughout the series. 

When he first hosts an equalist rally, I imagine him with a pretty smug grin, thinking “dance, puppets, dance” the entire time. 

whenever he fights a bender, i see him with a “bitch please” look, possibly rolling his eyes throughout the fights. 

when he fights tarrlok, i can him fighting with his eyebrows raised in disbelief, thinking “wow, how do you still suck this bad?”. 

and during the finale, when he’s hunting korra and mako in the storage room, he HAS to have on the most irritaded face ever, like “this bitch seriously tried to snitch on me”. 

I know its random, but that’s all i picture when i re-watch episodes now. and it’s hilarious.


“Im not the villan”

One Direction I Thought Korra was Going to Head in...

And this contains spoilers in case you couldn’t tell…

But what I honestly thought was that the being we’ve known as “Amon” wasn’t really Amon at all but a puppet, controlled by Naotok. I thought that since Naotok is such a powerful bloodbender, he was controlling a person, presenting a target that could be attacked instead of him and could be lauded instead of him, a sort of “decoy.” I thought that was going to be the explanation for how Amon never flinches in the face of danger and the bizarre “puppet-like” way he sometimes moved. He’s incapable of showing fear because he’s being controlled.

Of course, that’s not what the show ended up doing at all, but considering how horrifying the implications of what I just described are, maybe that’s a good thing.

Fellow Amorra fans

im going to do a video, since i was able to get my hands on LOK’s finale today, but I dont know a good song to fit my Amorra feels

so here is where you come in!

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