aprito asked:

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED i wrote an entire essay about the fight & dynamic a while ago!! aprito. tumblr. com/ post/ 109902298253/ re-sasori-vs-sakura || also yes please accept this het into your heart it's one of the single good hets in naruto because kishi cant write platonic male-female interaction to save his lyfe

I definitely am interested *makes strange guttural noises of approval* so thank you very much for the link, I’ll be sure to take a look!
And omg the preaching does its purpose, I’m willing, yes, I’m willing to accept it because indeed you’re so right about Kishi’s capabilities concerning m/f interactions (and his regard of female characters in general, gah, now that’s a blistering topic of pain we’d rather not go into here, because tons of angst await).

Once again, thank you! And for messaging me as well - I’m pretty surprised the tags I sporadically utilized were of actual use not just for browsing but for being able to meet like-minded people :)