'Josephine': Reconciling My Queer Faith (VIDEO)
As a queer person, it took me a long time to be able to talk about religion and LGBTQ identities in one sentence. Many of us have seen religion be very d...

I am claiming your story
for every queer kid told
they are unholy
for every queer told
in order to love
we must let our faith die
I am going to put it in a pocket
over my heart
next to Ruth & Naomi
next to David & Jonathan
next to Hegai & Deborah
and seat them at the last Passover
with Jesus and Lazarus

An incredible piece of spoken poetry written and performed by J Mase III reclaiming the story of “Joseph, Josephine, Jo of Genesis” for genderqueer people. Please note that violent homophobia and transphobia are dealt with vividly in this piece, and the f slur and t slur are used once each. This is a poem of reclamation and affirmation, but keep safe as you enjoy!