You’re the Karma to my Amy
You’re the Gabrielle to my Xena
You’re the Delphine to my Cosima
You’re the Tina to my Bette
You’re the Alice to my Dana
You’re the Shane to my Carmen
You’re the Fey to my Poehler
You’re the Lucy to my Ethel
You’re the Emily to my Naomi
You’re the Rosie to my Rose
You’re the Blair to my Serena
You’re the Livia to my Eva
You’re the June to my Alice
You´re the Violet to my Corky
You´re the Liza to my Sally
You’re the Rachel to my Luce
You’re the Tori to my Paulie
You’re the Lucy to my Amy
You’re the Margaery to my Sansa
You’re the Adele to my Emma
You’re the Mariana to my Julia
You’re the Ashley to my Spencer
You’re the Alison to my Emily
You’re the Shannon to my Ashley
You’re the York to my Bown
You’re the Alex to my Piper
You’re the Buffy to my Faith
You’re the Willow to my Tara
You’re the Arizona to my Callie
You’re the Bo to my Lauren
You’re the Holly to my Gail
You’re the Maura to my Jane
You’re the Tala to my Leyla
You’re the Santana to my Brittany