I was a little timid about posting this, but I feel like it’s important:

Being born and raised in America as a first generation Asian American has had it’s affects on my daily life throughout every single one of my social interactions. I am unable to speak any Asian language, and therefore have a hard time identifying with many other Asians. However, I find it quite difficult to identify with Americans as well due to the fact that I am underrepresented in media, only briefly touched upon in history class, and often times approached with questions that involve my ethnicity and the way I look. Over the past years I’ve found it’s become impossible to run away from the fact that I look different from the average American because of my bigger face, smaller eyelids, shorter body type, etc. Often times my race is associated with traits such as innocence, submission, or is sexually fetishized. I get approached by certain people because of this, and I do not get approached by many people because of this. My ethnicity does not define who I am, but sadly, to most of society it does.

I’ve seen a lot of generalizing through many interracial relationships including those of my family and friends. It wasn’t until my partner had been asked if he had “yellow fever” or an “asian fetish” did these stereotypes start to affect me. This question makes my race become the most substantial feature of my presence, making the rest of who I am unimportant.

In this video I wanted to focus on who I am to those who generalize me with other’s who look like me. I wanted to take away my identity and replace my assets with empty acts of submission to represent my relationship with society.