Jay-Z at Puff Daddy’s 28th birthday party, held at the famed Harry Cipriani restaurant in New York in 1998. The dress-code was all-white; which wasn’t exactly followed by Hov.

Other guests at the party included Oprah Winfrey, Muhammed Ali, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, Mariah Carey, Sarah Ferguson, Queen Latifah, Derek Jeter, Lenny Kravitz, Harvey Weinstein, Elle Macpherson, Kevin Costner, Busta Rhymes, George Clinton, Missy Elliott, Lara Flynn Boyle, Denzel Washington, Lil’ Kim, Martha Stewart, Henry Winkler, Naomi Campbell, and Russell Simmons. Crowds outside the venue hoping to see a glimpse of their favorite star reached upwards of 250 - which shut down the surrounding Wall Street area.

President-elect Donald Trump was also in attendance at the star-studded bash. He sat in Puff’s “V.I.P.” section and refused to move when security asked, telling them “Sean wants me to sit with him!” Denzel Washington was overheard replying something to the effect of: “This isn’t kindergarten…”

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Oh my gosh Normanis newest photoshoot is insane I can't breath she gives me naomi Campbell vibes

i know , she keeps slaying me


Types Of Friends When A Boy Fucks You Over

The Rihanna-  Fuck’s up your ex’s car in broad daylight and waits for him to come out so he knows it was her

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The Nicki Minaj- Dresses you up in her clothes with your titties and ass all out. Records videos of you in the club dancing up on some dude, posts them to instagram and tags your ex in all of them

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The Beyoncé- Tells you to forget him and not worry about him. Then, coincidentally a week later his car gets repossessed, he loses his job, leg gets broken in three different places and he’s living back with his mama and can’t qualify for unemployment

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The Naomi Campbell- Hooks you up with her man’s wealthy friend. Is always sure to let your ex know what your new man has bought you

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The Viola Davis- Has a sit down with your ex and gives him a lecture of how disgusting of a person he is and she doesn’t let him get a word in. Tells him he owes you an apology and after that to never speak to you again or she will have more than words ready for him next time. Ends conversation with “are we clear?”

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The Cardi B- Literally will kill him

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The Lil Kim- Gets her brother and his friends to jump him

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The Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard- Shows up to his job,cusses him out and gets him fired. Will wait for him out in the parking lot to cuss him out some more

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The Girls of The 90s


This single handedly saved my life.