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Effy and Naomi Mashup

Anonymous said to effys-closet:
Effy and Naomi (naomi from series 4) mashup (I think it’s called so right? I’m not English sorry); *

teapotbunny said to effys-closet:
Don’t think this is a look that’s been done already, but can you do a mix of Effy and Naomi’s style? Thanks :) (sorry if this one’s redundant)

Series 3 Naomi has some trouble dressing herself, poor thing, and it’s adorable.  However, during series 4 we see her develop her own personal style and grow into a high fashion punk-inspired look that’s much more compatible with Effy’s rocker/grunge style.  Naomi is all about the clashing prints in series 3, and more about the graphic tee in series 4. 

Mix Effy and Naomi’s styles by going for the items where their styles overlap.  A motorcycle jacket in a monochrome print fits Effy’s style, but the floral pattern gives it a Naomi flair.  Plaid patterns are something both Effy and Naomi wear, but mixing a pair of plaid skinnies with a floral jacket is definitely something Naomi would do.  Pair with a graphic tee in a lighter color as opposed to a black to make it look more Naomi, or a black graphic tee in order to go more Effy. You could also try a plaid overall dress over ripped black tights, to channel more of Naomi’s 306 look.  Both girls have adopted the layered silver necklace in their looks, so it’s a good choice for an outfit inspired by both of them.  Combat boots are a good shoe option, since they’re neutral but also a little edgy.  Grey Converse are also something both characters own.  Finish the look off with a black across-the-forehead headband, like Naomi has above and like Effy has in Katie’s series 4 episode.