naomi x austin

Love a guy who can handle a girl's drama

Austin: Well the thing about us, uh, filthy cowboys, is that uh, well, … we know how to handle a load of bull.
Naomi: Are you saying I’m full of it?
Austin: I’m saying I can handle it.
(They kiss)

I haven’t watched an episode of the show since they broke up. *tear

In honor of this ship, let’s take a moment to reminisce about some random Naustin scene that made me LOLLLL:

Okay, so Naomi’s ex-boyfriend (Max) comes back in town and they decide to get back together. Naomi to Austin, “Max brings out the good in me,” Austin; “He might see the good in you, but I see the bad… and I like it.” Then he throws her against the wall and starts making out with her. She kisses him back and rips his shirt open, but then pushes him away. “I’ve gone down this road before, and I’m done with that.” Then she literally struts away into the next room. All her sorority sisters and her exboyfriend are there. O_o WTF!!!?!?!?! Were you two going to do it just 10 feet away from everyone?? Did you think no one would notice you were gone, or hear you…? Was the door even shut?? Plus, Naomi fully kissed Austin for like a full moment… That’s cheating!! But those kinds of things don’t matter in TV land. And that is why I love it. Oh how I miss the trashy drama.