naomi liveblogs her life

This morning in the subway

I was holding my ipod, reading a fic and letting the music on shuffle when this guy comes in, wearing a hoodie (cute but you know, FIC)

Reminder that this is my ipod case

When Darren’s cover of Mac The Knife launches, you know the one, where he mixes up the lyrics, and I started giggling

The guy looked up, looked at me with a smile when his eyes dropped to the case (Darren’s autograph cannot be missed) and his eyes widened

I was looking around trying to calm down (not an easy feat when Darren is explaining about Darren’s show 101) and I see him lowering the zipper of his hoodie

The guy had this shirt on

(I went looking for it, i did not snap a picture of a stranger)

And I smiled and he smiled

Come back, Starkid Stranger from the RER B !!!

That, right here, is awesome advertising !

Let me explain it for those of you who don’t speak French (bonjour !)

First thing you need to know : in French, a lawyer is “un avocat”, same word as an avocado ; in French slang, a cop is called “un poulet” (like chicken)

Second thing : France just voted YES on Marriage equality

Third thing : yes, this sushi restaurant makes California rolls with chicken and avocado (the Japanese principle here is a little forgotten bur nevermind)

Basically, they’re saying that they didn’t wait for the law to be voted to bring together chicken and avocado but it sounds so much better in French because of the slang and the sound of “avocat”

Yeah, okay, never mind, it’s just a great pun in advertising and it made me laugh