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List of Famous Geminis

 May Blake Shelton - June 18th

Venus Williams - June 17th

Notorious B.I.G - May 21st

Laverne Cox - 29th

Iggy Azalea - June 7th

Azealia Banks - May 31st

Queen Victoria - May 24th

Kanye West - June 8th

Jussie Smollett - June 21st

Anne Frank - June 1th

Angelina Jolie - June 4th

Naomi Campbell - May 22nd

Patti LaBelle - May 24th

Johnny Depp - June 8th

Joan Rivers - June 24th

Wayne Brady - June 2ne

Marilyn Monroe - June 1st

Tupac Shakur - June 16th

John F. Kennedy - May 29th

Morgan Freeman - June 1st

Paul McCartney - June 18th

André 3000 - May 29th

Dr. Oz - June 11th

Prince - June 17

Left eye - May 27th



Saw Hedwig tonight with me brother and I was definitely not disappointed. I was in the second row in the seat on the left end.
During ‘Sugar Daddy’ when he jumped off the stage he went a few rows back and did the car wash to a man and then took his glasses off and licked them and handed them back. Then he walked over to me looked at me messed up my hair, turned around and sat on me. (At this point my heart was beating so fast and I was minor-lay freaking out). Then he laid back onto me and my brother, licked my brothers face, sat up said “one for you too baby!” Licked my face and then got up. When he got back on the stage he pointed to the two of us and said “you two can share that later.” I was freaking out!! (The actual kiss went to a bald guy in the front, who he kissed on the top of the head lol).
After the show, by the stage door, the security people came out and told everyone not to ask for selfies because Darren had to get through a lot of people (understandable). HOWEVER, when he got to me the nice girl in front of me said oh honey you gotta say something to him. And he was like “what? You wanna talk ok let’s talk!” And I was like “oh yeah. Thanks for this [lipstick all over my face!],” as I was trying to hand him my phone to sign and he just took my phone and was about to sign it but stopped and was like “oh ya know I don’t do selfies because I have a lot of people to get through and I just hate them so much. They’re just the worse.” He was saying all this while taking selfies with me on my phone and doing his classic pose.

And that’s the story of how I got licked by Darren Criss and was the only one in the stage door crowd to get an actual selfie with him.


Episode 6 - Total Package: Backstage at HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH with Rebecca Naomi Jones

Darren at the 1:35 mark, and 2:41 (Midnight Radio from Hedwig)


Okay so I went to see Hedwig last night and it was honestly one of the most incredible experiences of my whole life. Darren was a total sweetheart (and really extremely small omg) and he complimented my nail polish which was quite exciting for me. It was truly an honor to meet him. The picture of Rebecca is her just being such a cutie because I was the first person that she came to sign for and her silver pen wasn’t working so she had to dig around in her bag for a minute or two. She’s DEFINITELY my new celebrity crush. The super blurry picture of the three people near the back of the theatre is actually a super blurry picture of frEAKING NPH (in the middle wearing the cap) WHO CAME TO SEE THE SHOW???? I WAS IN THE SAME THEATRE AS DARREN AND NPH??? WHAT??? I SAID HI TO HIM???? so that was cool but I was like zooming in and trying to take that picture RIGHT as the show started so it turned out awful. Ah well. Anyway Darren’s performance was as fantastic as everyone has always said and he’s a truly wonderful performer. While I should have been sitting there the whole time being excited that I was watching Darren Criss LIVE AND IN PERSON, I actually often forgot that it was even him because he played her so effortlessly. The silence in the theatre in that moment after “Wicked Little Town Reprise” actually made me cry because it was the most intense, raw, and beautiful moment I have ever experienced. It was deafening silence and it was so powerful. Of course, I cried all through Midnight Radio, until I looked back and saw NPH singing along and pumping his hands in the air. Then I started laughing.
I have never been more grateful for an experience and I honestly can’t believe how lucky I am.

Ahh yes. June. The hiatus beards are growing stronger every day, can you fEEL IT?


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