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Aja Naomi King’s Inspiring Speech on Overcoming Self-Doubt at the 2017 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards   

My inner critic is strong but I know that I am stronger. I can’t get rid of him; he’ll always be there, a voice in my head telling me to not even dare to dream for something more, that they’ll never give you that, don’t bother fighting for this. But that is exactly what makes me so fierce. Because even with his voice, his monstrous size filling up the space underneath my skin, I still choose to try, and I still choose to believe. All the evidence of my life thus far is telling me that this is no accident, that I do deserve to be here. When I was struggling to write this speech, my little sister said to me quite simply, “You have everything you need.” And she’s right. I have everything I need because I have her, and I have my other little sister, and I have my mother, and I have my father. And I have all of you, and we all have each other. And as long as we continue to be a shield for one another, support each other, lift each other up, and love each other fiercely, we all have everything we need.


“I wasn’t never worth shit. Never did anything I actually wanted to do, was all I could do to do what other folks thought I should do. I wasn’t never myself”

Moonlight (2016) dir; Barry Jenkins

Let's pray and hope that Seth, Naomi and Finn make surprise returns at WrestleMania 🙏🏼


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What if aliens have some totally random thing in common with humans

in a lot of sci-fi, aliens have the two most common earth genders and humanoid bodies and some of the same cultural institutions like weddings

what if they have none of that but we discover that the entire galaxy has. cheez-whiz or something

“Human Lai, please explain why Human Naomi takes different pronouns from you while we enjoy some re'nicss” (pulls out a can with strange markings and starts squirting fake cheese into beak)

Sex with Naomi would include:

- she’d either be completely dominant or completely submissive, there’s no in between.

- I mean I picture her strictly dominant but…

- some days she’d draw out your pleasure & others she’d do the complete opposite: edge you or overstimulate you.

- hair pulling kink

- praise kink

- idk why but I feel like her lips would always be on you in some way, no matter what.

- biting

- both of you would be covered in hickeys omg

- dirty talk omgg

- “you gonna come, babygirl? huh?”

- oral 24/7, on both ends, but you’d be on the receiving end more often since your pleasure is more important to her.

- the orgasm ratio is more 4:2 since like I said, she wants to pleasure you more.

- on most nights the two of you will have passionate rough sex, but others.. she’ll continue fucking you even after you’ve came a few times.

- you’d be crying from coming so much, but she wouldn’t care. She’d just smirk while continuing to fuck you.

- {Smut preview} “Babe!” i shrieked as I felt myself edge closer and closer.

I heard her “mmmmmm, go ahead, come for me.” she moaned into my pussy , her tongue working me good as her fingers fucked me, and curled inside me, forcing me to cum.

“Naomi!” I moaned, gasping as i felt myself start to squirt.

Her mouth never left my pussy, and her moans only intensified as I came on her face. My body trembling, my legs shaking, as my girlfriend drank my cum.

I moaned and gasped, over and over as wave after wave went through my body, and I collapsed off my elbows and onto my back, arching it as she held her mouth against my pussy.

As I felt the last of it squirt from me and my orgasm begin to end, her tongue kept working my clit, which was now too sensitive, and I felt my body shake, and I begged her to stop as i tried to shut my legs and keep her from going anymore.

I felt her mouth kiss me directly on my clit before leaving my pussy, and trailing kisses up my body , stopping to tend to my breasts again. She kissed them, licked them gently and slowly as my chest moved up and down from my breathing. I shivered as i felt her palm over my pussy, and she rubbed it slightly, smirking as she lifted her face over mine, watching me tremble.

She rubbed it , and I whimpered. Her hand began to move faster, and faster. Her fingers were massaging my clit again and my entire body was shaking and I felt it. I was cumming , again.  She sucked my breast, as her hand rubbed me into ecstasy again. I could hear her hungry moans, muffled by my flesh and the pop of my skin leaving her mouth as she stopped sucking my breast and instead put her mouth to mine loosely, moaning into each others mouths.

I moaned her name against her lips as I came. I whimpered at how much my body could barely take the pleasure it was receiving. It was almost as if my whole body hurt, from how hard I was cumming.

Seconds later my orgasm was over and I was left with my hips jerking slightly as she continued to rub the sensitive area.

“Stop, oh my god stop, I cant.” I begged her. “I can’t take it anymore.” I said squirming as her hand slipped down and her fingers were inside of me again, she started to fuck my pussy again.

“Oh, God!” i yelped and her hand was on my mouth as her mouth went back to my tits once more and her fingers shoved themselves in and out of my soaked cunt.

- cuddling would 100% follow


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I live from your mama Solace headcannons dude

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Just for that, I’m going to write more. Thank you to this lovely anon!

  • Apollo took her for a ride in his sun chariot once.
  • Naomi, till this day, can still remember the screams of Apollo when she threw up all over him.
  • Also laughs every time she remembers his shocked and wounded expression.
  • The few months she spent with Apollo were the best in her life (especially when they went to all those tropical islands together, and Naomi lived in nothing but bikinis and sundresses).
  • She’s never gotten together with anyone else since.
  • Wakes up early everyday to watch the sunrise, and talks to Apollo about Will, or how her day went, wondering if he can hear her.
  • When Will misses Apollo, she tells him to find a warm, sunny spot to sit in, telling him that that’s his father’s way of hugging him and loving him.
  • Got into a car accident once, but she doesn’t remember much, apart from Will crying, a pair of small hands on hers, a warm and comforting glow, and Apollo’s voice.
  • The doctors say she was lucky to have survived, and when she asks Will what happened, her son simply smiles and says, “Daddy helped me to fix you.”
  • When Will tells her about Apollo being mortal again, Naomi demands to see him.
  • When Will brings Apollo over, she wants to scream at him, or punch him, but he looks bad enough that she can’t bring herself to do any of that.
  • Naomi settles for hugging him and crying, and is surprised when Apollo starts crying too.

BSD Week 2016 - Day 5: Adversity (01.09.16)

Option A: Any difficulties or hardships that any character has faced.
Option B: Situation where a character(s) didn’t have their ability.

Kunikida having to deal with Dazai’s bullshit everyday

semi important

Yknow that one interview where the cast were asked that if they had to dress each other up in cosplay? what would they be

and Becky got SO EXCITED about the idea of Naomi dressing sexily as Tomb Raider. She keeps repeating herself

And then Naomi says … I’d put you in a chicken suit.

someone write a fic where Trimberly go to a comic con as gf’s in these outfits please

Some Wrencus Real Talk

Okay so Wrench is the one with the canon crush/obsession (he has pics of her all over his shit in game) yet when you read fic, he is always the one hurting because Marcus isn’t interested. I just can’t wrap my head around it. To me it seems like naturally Marcus would be the one hurting, or with his feelings not returned, but we rarely ever get to see that side. I wonder why that is.



The knock at the door is not timid, so it’s unlikely to be Stuart. Naomi is inclined not to answer but then there are three more knocks, each louder and more insistent than the last. She throws her tools to the floor with a hiss of exasperation and strides across the room, flinging the door open to reveal Alex’s friend Audrey, the journalist. Audrey looks apologetic but resolute, her wet spaniel’s eyes luminous in the dimly lit hallway. Naomi’s own gaze is impassive, only the rise and fall of her chest betraying her anger.  
“I’m so sorry to disturb you, Naomi.” Audrey clearly isn’t sorry at all. “But I’ve been buzzing the intercom for ages and there wasn’t any answer, so I thought I’d come and see if you were down here…”
“There is nobody but Alex upstairs,” says Naomi, “and as I already explained to you today, he is very, very sick. Far too sick to be bothered answering the intercom. I don’t even know what you’re doing here. Unless you thought I was lying about his condition?”
After a pause Audrey says,“I just wanted to find out how he was, as a friend. To see if there was anything I could do to help.”
“You wasted your time. There’s nothing you can do,” says Naomi. “So…”
She steps back, ready to slam the door in Audrey’s face.
“Naomi, please. I need to know. What exactly is wrong with him?” Audrey asks.
Her voice carrries an undercurrent of urgency, her big brown eyes opaque with concern. Naomi almost laughs. As a journalist Audrey is very, very good. She obviously has a lot of tactics up her sleeve to get the story. Naomi almost expects her to drop to her knees and start wringing her hands.
“He has a hangover,“ says Naomi.
Audrey frowns.
“That’s highly unusual for Alex. Alex hardly ever gets sick from alcohol. What -”
“He was drinking absinthe,”says Naomi. Audrey’s eyes widen even further.
“Absinthe,” she breathes.“The green fairy. Wow. Is that even legal here?”
Naomi shrugs.“How would I know? My friend came over with a bottle she got on a recent trip overseas. I was tired and went to bed early but she and Alex stayed up most of the night drinking. Alex apparently drank most of the bottle. Hence his sorry state today.”
Audrey is shaking her head, staring into space.”Wow, absinthe,“ she says.“I’ve always wanted to try absinthe. Does your friend get it often? Do you think she could get some for Persephone and me?”
“It’s possible,” says Naomi.“I’ll ask her the next time I see her. Now I really must get back to my-”
“I still need to see Alex,”says Audrey. “Just for five minutes. That will be okay, surely?”

long distance love - (danisnotonfire smut)

for my dear @amazingdilhowlter ✨

warnings: daddy!dan, a lil degrading, very bad, a mess like me

You were scrolling mindlessly through your phone when a notification from your boyfriend Dan popped up on the screen, bringing a smile to your face.

Dan: can you Skype call right now?

You: Sure, call me!

Before you could even click of your messages, the familiar Skype jingle alerted you that Dan was calling. “Hello?” You said as you placed your phone to your ear.

“Naomi!” he answered. You could practically hear the smile in his voice, those warm brown eyes lighting up with joy. “I miss you so much”

You sighed loudly, laying on your bed with the phone next to your head. “I miss you too Dan. Every fucking day”. It was hard continuing your relationship with him on tour. Before the tour, the two of you had been very close friends. You’d always had a crush on him, but you thought he wouldn’t feel the same. Two days before he was schedueled to leave, he invited you over for a mini goodbye hangout, just the two of you as Phil was out to his parents place. Long story short, the two of you had confessed your feelings and now wished you had earlier as you had to wait for a while to see Dan again.

“Can you go on videocam? I want to see that pretty face of yours” he asked, the last part making you roll your eyes mockingly.

“Sure, let me just switch to my laptop” you answered. You ended the call and rolled over to reach for your laptop,. Opening the Skype application, you clicked Dan’s name and selected the video option. After asingle ring, you were greeted withDan’s smiling face on your screem, making yousmile back in return.

“Beautiful as usual, Naomi” he said, cocking his head to the side. You tucked a lock of your red hair behind your ear and looked down at your lap.

“Charming as usual, Daniel” you replied, finally looking up at him again. He laughed at this, the sound making you instantly ten times more at ease.

“So, how has your day been?” you asked. You knew that anything he did on his exciting tour would be way more interesting than what you had for lunch. 

“Same as usual, show, meet and greet…” he said, looking a bit distracted. His eyes trailed around the room before looking at you aging. “Actually, | wanted to talk to you about something.”

“What is it?” you questioned, tilting your head curiously.

“Well you see, we didn’t get to do much before I left for tour” he started,scratching the back of his neck nervously/. “I was wondering, would you ever try uh, Skype sex, maybe?“ He finished, not looking you in the eye. Your eyes widened at the suggestion. Skype sex? You’d never tried it before, and the thought of Dan seeing you naked, even via video, made you blush.

But it also excited you. You pictured it in your head for a moment, watching Dan’s reaction as you did dirty things for him. “\Naomi? Are you still there? It’s okay if you don’t want to, it was just an idea…”

“No!” You exclaimed, cutting him off. Quieter this time, you said, “No. I like that idea”

Dan looked surprised, but the expression was quickly replaced with a cheeky smirk, the one that made your guts wrench.  Was it just the  shitty camera quality or were his eyes darkening? “What do I do?” you asked, beginning to feel awkward.

“You could take that shirt of yours off” he answered. The directness of his statement made you raise an eyebrow, before shyly pulling your shirt over your head. Boy were you glad you were wearing a decent pair of matching underwear. It was Dan’s turn o be shocked now. The little smirk had been wiped right off his face as he stared, taking in every detail of your torso. “If I was there right now,” he began.

“Your turn” you interrupted with a grin. You were starting to get the grip of this, starting to enjoy your power over him due to the restraints between you too. He returned the grin before lifting his black shirt over his head, revealing his slightly tan chest. The shirt had ruffled up his hair so he looked even hotter. “You’re beautiful” you whispered, making Dan laugh.

“I think you’re the one who’s beautiful. If you were in this room, you would see just how mc h I’m liking this” he said teasingly.

“Or you could just show me” you replied,  confidently.

“Good idea” he said, before tilting his camera so you could only see his lips and downwards. his hands were hidden down his grey jogging bottoms and he was stroking himself gently, making you practically moan in need. “Fuck, you sound so hot, baby” he breathed out, stroking harder. You watched him pleasure himself, longing filling you up inside.

“Naomi, fuck! Touch yourself for daddy, please” he moaned his breathing still uneven. Hearing him call himself daddy was enough motivation for you. It was one of your biggest kinks. You pulled your skirt down before tilting your camera as well, so he could see what you were about to do. You slipped your underwear down your legs and spread them a little wider so he could get a better view. You heard him whimper at the sight, which only pushed you further. This was all so new and sexy, especially as it was with Dan. Circling your entrance a few times, you slipped a finger inside yourself, moaning out at the feeling.

Dan was an absolute mess by now, eyes fixated on your fingers as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. The sight of him so messy and hot just for you made you add another digit, starting to clench around your own fingers. Dan groaned loudly as his orgasm washed over him, panting heavily. “Are you close princess?”

“Yes daddy” you replied, but it came out more like a whimper.

“Cum for me Naomi. I want to see you cum all over your own fingers like the dirty little slut you are”Dan growled. His dirty talk finally pushed you over the edge in a moment of pure bliss and satisfaction. 

“That was amazing” he said, looking at you with so much care and admiration you felt yourself warm up again.

“I know" you replied, beaming.

“I can’t wait till I get back. I want to explore that “daddy” kink a whole lot further…“