naomi is not pleased


Aja Naomi King’s Inspiring Speech on Overcoming Self-Doubt at the 2017 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards   

My inner critic is strong but I know that I am stronger. I can’t get rid of him; he’ll always be there, a voice in my head telling me to not even dare to dream for something more, that they’ll never give you that, don’t bother fighting for this. But that is exactly what makes me so fierce. Because even with his voice, his monstrous size filling up the space underneath my skin, I still choose to try, and I still choose to believe. All the evidence of my life thus far is telling me that this is no accident, that I do deserve to be here. When I was struggling to write this speech, my little sister said to me quite simply, “You have everything you need.” And she’s right. I have everything I need because I have her, and I have my other little sister, and I have my mother, and I have my father. And I have all of you, and we all have each other. And as long as we continue to be a shield for one another, support each other, lift each other up, and love each other fiercely, we all have everything we need.


“I wasn’t never worth shit. Never did anything I actually wanted to do, was all I could do to do what other folks thought I should do. I wasn’t never myself”

Moonlight (2016) dir; Barry Jenkins

I don’t remember exactly what I had expected when I went to see the Reboot of the Power Rangers, but I was certainly not expecting to adopt five adorable puppies within the first ten minutes, who I can gladly say, now control my life, I but I can’t say I’m disappointed. 1000000000/10 recommend

Okay! But can we appreciate that Naomi and Becky can also sing, like don’t imagine Trini outside of Kim’s house serenading her and having flowers and little sparklers, and don’t imagine Kim singing Trini to sleep every night. Or Kim singing to Trini You Are My Sunshine everytime Trini gets sad, also don’t imagine Trini singing to Kim everytime she gets sad, don’t imagine them singing couple duets with hearts in their eyes, just don’t imagine them dancing and singing until they fall on the floor laughing thanking destiny for putting each other into their lives, don’t imagine them singing to each other at their wedding, and singing lullabies to their children, and going to concerts singing along with each other in their own little world


Naomi Nagata Appreciation Week ✭ Moment you started liking her

Ride and die from the very star, my man! Her looks, her sass, the way she gives as much as she gets (and so much more!) in her scenes with Holden, the flash of vulnerability toward the end, and the epicness that is “LADAR says it’s a big hole in the side”… Yes, it definitely was love at first episode!

What if aliens have some totally random thing in common with humans

in a lot of sci-fi, aliens have the two most common earth genders and humanoid bodies and some of the same cultural institutions like weddings

what if they have none of that but we discover that the entire galaxy has. cheez-whiz or something

“Human Lai, please explain why Human Naomi takes different pronouns from you while we enjoy some re'nicss” (pulls out a can with strange markings and starts squirting fake cheese into beak)