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Today, I went to a “Geek Market”, which basically was a hall with a bunch of stalls selling things like books, comic books, video games, jewelry, assorted steampunk stuff, fandom stuff, etc. First time I’ve been to anything like that.

It was pretty fun, and I saw lots of really cool stuff. There were some anime things, but mostly from shows that are bigger over here, like Naruto and Bleach. I toyed with getting a FMA pocket watch, and then I saw this one at another stall, and I really wanted it. It’s not a wind-up one, so I will have to get a new battery for it eventually, but it was only 20 dollars and it’s so pretty (its got a really intricate design on the back, but I couldn’t get a decent picture of it- also, excuse the crappy picture above). And I’ve always wanted a pocket watch. There was also some Doctor Who stuff, but nothing I really wanted, though my sister got a wind-up Dalek and a TARDIS necklace. 

Oh, and they also had some really awesome displays of LEGO, like the Taj Mahal and London Bridge, that were really detailed.

Anyway, I had a fun afternoon. :)

This went on in Spanish class today.
  • Popular Girl : *To my friend*: Why are you always reaadinggg?
  • Friend: 'Cause it's a fantastic book?
  • Me: Please note that this is The Fault In Our Stars, the book she was crying over in class yesterday.
  • Popular Girl: Whaiii do you cry over books. That's stupidddd.
  • Me: Because they are sad. BEcause they are fantastic. Because you fall in love with the characters.
  • Popular Girl: .....
  • Friend: What she said.