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Titan: Megamind, we know what’s it’s like to be Villains because we’re both supervillains.

Megamind: Don’t. Compare. Yourself. To me. EVER. You are not on my level, Hal. You never will be on my level. Do not compare yourself to me. When I destroyed the city, it never was because a girl said no to me, “A nice guy”. Go on the internet, show me a picture.

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1980s, 1990s & 2000s pop culture project

You may have noticed that I’ve started a new blog project documenting random pop culture happenings, trends, subcultures, and general oddities from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

I feel like the grainy Youtube screencap is the best medium to capture these years since most of the footage is from old copies of VHS tapes.

I’m trying to document what it was like to live in these eras so people my age and older can reminisce about the good old days, and so the youths now can get an accurate glimpse of these particular decades that aren’t taken very seriously in terms of pop culture or fashion/aesthetics, or are relegated to the same stale pop culture references over and over (there was more to the 90s than Nirvana and choker necklaces, I promise. The 1980s wasn’t just bad neon clothing and Madonna. The 2000s was an amazing time for music and ballsy fashion choices, etc.) I’m also going to try to avoid really obvious pop culture moments.

As I’ve said before, I feel like the last 30-40 years was spent analyzing and hyping the 1960s. I call this the “baby boomer industrial complex” and obviously it was magical and rad time in history for pop culture (I mean I run a Monkees blog like I get it), but I think now it’s time to take back the narrative from the boomers and show that other decades were just as exciting and strange and important.

Here’s what I’ve documented so far: [tagged: pop culture screencap project]

Scott Weiland’s heroin glam phase, 1998

Gwen Stefani’s fashion during the Tragic Kingdom era, 1996

Gwen Stefani serving braces + pink hair, 1999

Gavin Rossdale’s peak hotness, 1997

Marilyn Manson’s surreal TRL appearance, 1998

Club Kids on The Phil Donahue Show, 1993

Guns N’ Roses at CBGB’s, 1987

1-900-9099-CRY Commercial, 1980s

Guns N’ Roses Headbangers Ball aesthetics, 1980s 

Naomi Campbell washing her face and putting on zit cream on MTV’s House of Style, 1992

House of Style reports on the “no eyebrow” movement in fashion, 1992

The Pulse: Rock Stars and Models, 1993