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Pony Adoptables Available!

I’m going to be doing a thing where I release a few adoptables each month, all following some kind of theme. For February, all our ponies have ‘F’ names, but they’re all very different in other ways!

Fit Finesse - $15

Finesse is a fitness instructor with a talent for rhythm gymnastics. Having struggled with her body image and, at one time, becoming far too thin, she’s finally struck a healthy balance in life and is now enthusiastic about helping others do the same. Her grace and lust for life are an inspiration to her students. But there was a time in her past that they don’t know about - true strength comes from adversity. What did she suffer through before becoming the confident pony we see today?

Faded Fret - SOLD

A full-grown stallion without a cutie mark, Fret is frankly tired of trying to find his purpose in life. Instead, he writes angsty music that he practices alone in a rented studio space. Will he ever discover that rocking out joyfully may just be his calling? Or will he stay morose and lonesome forever?

Fates Fortune - SOLD

From a young age, Fortune always seemed to know of things before they happen. Eventually she realized her talents were not just in her imagination, and started putting them to work to help others, and perhaps even start a business. Unfortunately, the general attitude towards her business is negative - she’s just trying to scam gullible ponies out of their money, right? Or is she genuinely trying to help them while making a living for herself?

All adoptables become entirely yours once purchased. You can change their names, species, backstories, and whatever else you like. Credit is only expected when my own art is being used.

As a bonus, I will upgrade each adoptable with a full ref sheet for a total price of $30. Quality would be similar to the following:

These are first-come, first-serve, so please contact me here on Tumblr via the Ask function to claim your new character.

Boosts are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Bungou Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス)

Chuuya Nakahara gently watches over Osamu Dazai in a beautiful new poster from Spoon.2Di vol. 14 (eBay | Amazon Japan), illustrated by opening key animator Naomi Kaneda (金田尚美).


2nd batch of my Season 8 of Rupaul’s Drag Race sketches that I’ve been doing for each episode of the show so far! Can’t wait for the finale! 

If you want to see the first batch of sketches you can go here

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Struggling… compensating… we’re searching out our reason for living,
‘Cause that bright light doesn’t lie among yesterday!
We’re stray dogs, running without a destination!
–Reason Living