naomi and gabriel

                                 THE ARCHANGEL NEWORK

As I promised two days ago, I would create an official network tag to recruit angel lovers from the fandom so sharing the love for our smol lost children would be easier to do. Keep in mind that this network is for all angels, and not just the fierce and mighty archangels. We gotta give ‘em all some attention.


  • You will be able to share your love for angels with other people in the fandom and perhaps make friends with them.
  • Gain more notes on your posts, hopefully.
  • If you are an artist, or a graphics maker, or a giffer, or fic writer, or a meta writer… you will be able to share all of your amazing work of the angels with everyone on the #thearchangelnetwork tag. Our celestial babies need more love!


  • Anything with the angels is obviously allowed.
  • Anything Angel/Hunter or Angel/Angel is definitely allowed.
  • Anything that isn’t about the angels is not allowed.
  • You can profess your love for any of the angels as much as you like, however if there is one you dislike please keep those thoughts to yourself. People will be looking through the tag to look for positivity towards their favorite babies, and we don’t wanna make them upset!
  • It’s everyone’s little happy place. In short, any hate or rash criticism towards the angels is not allowed.


  • Reblog this post to spread the word. Likes only count as bookmarks.
  • Send me an ask to tell me that you are interested in joining the network and give me your favorite quote of one of the angels that you love.
  • Once I’ve replied, you’ll be an official member of the network. :)
  • Put a * in your ask if you want me to reply privately.

Because Everyone Needs a Guardian Angel. God has decided that everyone needs a guardian angel. So he pairs them up. A few fall in love, some are confused, and others just get into trouble.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Although I’m a huge Gabelena fan, I just love this scene, when I look at these four, I also feel a little jealous, because they are just best friends, who will do anything for each other, who will always be there for each other, who will always protect each other, who will give up and sacrifice anything for each other. When I look at them, all I could think is that at some point in my life I should have a friend like this, we all should, some people already have, some search for it, some never finds it…

People who have friends like this are the luckiest people in the whole wide world. I guess those four are really lucky to have each other…