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Your god is Old. He killed children
in Egypt, murdered lovers in the night,
swept sinners dead in a righteous wave.
He told Eve she would die
if she ate the apple, knowing
that he had already planted the seed 
of the tree of Knowledge inside her.
He lied. He stole. He coveted.
Just because you create something,
doesn’t make it yours.

I will not be Job. If god tries
to tear down my house, I will
not weep. I will build it up again myself,
with my own hands. 
That god is not my god. I am New.
I will walk with children.
I will love and learn to swim.
I will eat apples and drink coffee
and build towers.
I will wear flowers
from that old tree 
in my hair.

xxgoldensnowflake  asked:

I was reading your post about the new episode and I had to stop because it came this idea to my mind and I had to ask, maybe you will say something about it when I keep reading, but whatever. If Cas has a grace bc he is an angel, but he is becoming more human, what if he is slowly turning to the level of a Nephilim, bc I'm sure that what it makes them powerful is the fact that they also have a soul and maybe Cas is developing one of his own, and that's why everyone is obsess with him lately

Hi there! That’s an interesting thought.

[Just as a first point: I finally got fed up and looked it up, and yep, I was both right and wrong at the same time, as seems to be the norm, because the singular should be Nephil, but since the word was adopted in English as an invariable noun, Nephilim is also correct.]

I don’t think we know enough about Nephilim to understand what’s going on with them, exactly, and the show likes to play it vague and loose with its theology, anyway, but if Cas is developing Nephilim-like powers, then I’m even more worried about him. What we do know about this stuff is that it’s simply not sustainable. Grace and souls - not a good mix. That Nephilim girl Cas killed two years ago was the lone exception - a normal person, seemingly leading a normal life - but I think that had less to do with the true nature of a Nephilim than with the moral dilemma they wanted to push on Cas, ie how much of a sacrifice was he willing to make. All other instances of different classes of being mixing, however, has been a distaster, which is why we’re probably heading into another quagmire of heartbreak with this demon kid (or is it angel kid?) debacle.

Because, well, we know Grace is dangerous for humans but souls seem to be just as dangerous for angels. Sure, angels sort of farm them and even weaponize them on occasion, but it’s a power they can’t really control, can they? Maybe it would be different for Cas, since whatever may be growing inside him would be his own soul, but somehow I doubt it. Call me pessimistic, but Cas seems to be getting worse and worse, and while his decline didn’t start when he became human, he certainly hasn’t gotten better since.

(I think we can all agree, by the way, that at that point Cas definitely had a soul? Metatron assumed Cs would come back to Heaven after he died, and you can’t do that without a soul, right?

What happens to demons after they die, then? Mh.)

I think the story is definitely taking us there, because Cas is unique, was always unique in his appreciation of and love for humanity, but I don’t see a point where he’ll be able to accomodate both things - Grace and soul - inside himself without some major health issues. Cas being able to love - that’s very significant, and I’m sure it’ll be a major plot point sometime in the future, but Cas’ arc has tended from the very start towards making him choose, which is why I remain convinced he’ll either become human or die trying.

The prospect doesn’t make me happy at all. I mean, I can appreciate a big gesture as much as the next person, but from a narrative point of view I’m in love with the supernatural and supernatural creatures, and I’d much prefer an ending like the fluffy one I imagined last year for my Valentine fic.

What broke the connection?

This morning I was watching this wonderful Destiel fanvid by @1940sdeancas and I had an epiphany. I’ve watched the video several times, but I’d never realized something. In meta I’ve written before, I’ve mentioned that in season 8 (8x17 to be more specific), TBPT asked a question. The question was for Cas, but Cas didn’t know the answer to that question, so the audience was supposed to fill the gap. I’m talking about this question:

Cas had been brainwashed into killing thousands of Deans. However, when the moment for Cas to kill the real Dean came, he couldn’t. That was the episode where we got Dean’s epic words:

“Cas, we’re family. We need you. I need you.” 

When Cas dropped the blade, touched the angel tablet, and recovered full control of his mind, Dean asked him the reason for his breaking the connection with Naomy. Cas’ answer was that he didn’t know. I’m fairly sure that the night 8x17 aired, many viewers yelled “YOU!!” to their television when Dean asked that question. It was obvious that Dean was the reason Cas was able to break the connection, but that was subtext. The text was plain and simple: “I don’t know.”

In this post about Destiel over the course of the seasons, I explained how I understood the fact that Cas answered that way in season 8. I said this:

“I don’t think Cas understood what kind of love he felt for Dean. That’s why he couldn’t answer the “what broke the connection” question. HE DIDN’T KNOW. He had to be human to be able to understand that he can love his brothers and sisters, humanity, Sam and Dean, but each love is different.”

When was Cas human? In season 9. What happened in season 9? We were given the answer to the “what broke the connection” question, but it stayed in the realm of subtext. In season 9, Cas was given the order to kill Dean again. This time, however, he was not being mind-controlled. The only thing was that he was risking his credibility with the angels. He had to choose between his family (Heaven) and Dean. It wasn’t even a matter of choosing between the angels and the Winchesters. NOPE. Hannah stated it clearly when she told Cas, “Don’t lose [our trust] over one man.” 

And what happened? One more time Cas couldn’t kill Dean. One more time there was something that broke whatever connection that remained between Cas and Heaven. Two seasons, one after the other. In season 8 Cas didn’t know that Dean was the one who broke the connection, but in season 9 he knew, because Cas himself made the conscious decision to choose Dean. Maybe his decision was unconscious in season 8, but that wasn’t the case in season 9.

Things didn’t end there, though. TPTB asked a question purposely in 8x17, and they were the ones who answered it in 9x22. Metatron has been a meta character from the start. Every time he says something, it’s like listening to the writers speak directly to the audience. What did the writers tell us? That Castiel’s weakness had been revealed.

Metatron said that Cas was in love with humanity, but one episode later, he corrected himself:

When season 9 ended, it was clear that everything Cas does is about saving Dean Winchester. It’s not about humanity. In fact, season 10 proved that humanity was not relevant if it meant hurting Dean. Why couldn’t Cas simply kill Dean? I mean, controlled by the Mark of Cain, Dean was well on his way to become the father of murder, but Cas told him that he was going to be the one who would watch Dean murder the world (10x22). Where was Cas’ love for humanity? Cas was willing to let Dean live even if it meant innocent people would die. Metatron got it right:


So, if Metatron got that bit right, I wonder if he also got right the part where he said that Cas’ weakness was that he was in love. 

If we follow that line of thought, then… What broke the connection in 8x17? The obvious answer was and has always been Dean, but not only that. What broke the connection was that Castiel, angel of the Lord, was and still is in love with Dean Humanity Winchester.

The question from season 8 was already answered and some people missed it. Wait for seasons 11 and 12 to answer the other questions TPTB have asked regarding Castiel 1) who he is (10x18) and 2) as what he wants to live, man or angel (9x06).

The Signs as Castiel Forms
  • Aries: Emmanuel
  • Gemini: Naomi mind controlling Cas
  • Taurus: Crazy!Cas
  • Cancer: Angel!Cas
  • Leo: Future AU Cas
  • Virgo: Jimmy Novak
  • Libra: Human!Cas
  • Scorpio: Godstiel
  • Sagittarius: Misha Collins
  • Capricorn: Leviathan!Cas
  • Aquarius: Clairestiel
  • Pisces: Trueform!Cas

I’ve been thinking lately about Castiel being a survivor of abuse, as Sam and Dean are. Also, how we don’t have flashbacks to Castiel’s “childhood,” as we do with Sam and Dean. Those kinds of flashbacks aren’t even unique to Sam and Dean on the show, although we have it more briefly with others, we saw Bobby’s childhood trauma first-hand. We even had a very brief look at John’s childhood, and we had a more substantial look at him as an adult barely out of young adulthood. I’m not even sure how Castiel flashbacks could be portrayed.

We’re told a lot about Castiel’s familial history and his history with the angels. We see his interaction with other angels—which for a long time were very strongly coded as “siblings” and also as fellow soldiers, and more recently more as fellow soldiers (with sister/brother more an honorific, apparently). tbh I think they changed it for the sake of the Castiel stories they wanted to tell now, and not because the sibling-like nature of the angel relationships isn’t important. The concept of angels as dysfunctional family was extremely important in the S4/S5 storyline. Overt parallels made to Sam and Dean for Lucifer and Michael. But it’s also important to understanding Castiel on an emotional level.

So I’m trying to piece together Castiel’s “childhood”—I don’t think angels have a childhood in the sense that humans (or we) would define it, we’ve been shown so little about how this works, but he had formative influences, he learned, he had mentors, and he had trauma that helped form him and informs how he reacts to things now.

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