naoki nakamura


If you remembered me going on short breaks near the end of June and start of July, saying I was doing some big project, then hint hint (I have been translating a whole loooooot lol( ´_ゝ`)

Hopefully, the QC will be done soon~

Some more preview (x)


Miki leading Naoki, check how he initiates, so agressive haha




We moved so much in today’s practice! We’re gonna be like cats😄

Engeki Haikyuu!!
Nekoma High School Volleyball Club, now recruiting members🐈
The requirement is you should be someone who likes Nekoma!!

You too will become a member of Engeki Nekoma High School Volleyball Club starting today!!! Nya~


I’m honestly happy about those two pictures😭🙏

Everyone, by all means, become members🤗


Nakamura on-board, Motorland SP

Super D is this weekend …  STOKED! Come see Naoki Nakamura rip it up at Grange Motor Circuit - he’s rocking a new livery by @d–magic & RYO Yoshinaga.

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Nakamura ft. 1JZ S14