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Today was Ryo-kun and Dainyan’s joint special event “HAZAKURA NO UTAGE”~ ♥ Some of the highlights include:

1. The Kamen Rider Gaim theme song “JUST LIVE MORE” being used for Ryo-kun’s entrance, and him entering the hall as Jounouchi xD

2. Dainyan using some random song for his entrance because he thought the song was cool~ Lol!

3. A sword fight scene between Ryo-kun and Dainyan, which was a reenactment of the “Ryuugi ~ Don’t Forget My Style ~” scene between Saitou and Okita.

4. Ryo-kun and Dainyan making fun of Shogo-tan (and Piroshi xDDDD), which led to a conversation that went something like,

Dainyan: There’s the “Sho-chan dance”, which is really “kimochi warui”. 

Fans: Do it! Do it!

And, Ryo-kun actually dances the “Sho-chan dance”, which was apparently really interesting~ LOL!

5. Only to have Shogo-tan appear as the surprise guest, much to Ryo-kun and Dainyan’s horror (and to the fans’ amusement). They then spent the next few moments frantically apologizing to Shogo-tan xDDDD

5. Dainyan being praised for “being as cute as a girl” :P Which led to a reenactment of a scene from Hakumyu with Ryo-kun as Saitou, Shogo-tan as Kazama and Dainyan as Chizuru xDDDD

6. The both of them receiving video messages from the Hakumyu casts xD Including Piroshi for Ryo-kun and Taira-san for Dainyan. 

7. Also, a video message from Junya-kun, to which he actually challenged Ryo-kun to do “something incredibly unreasonable” as a punishment game~ Lol! (The photo with Ryo-kun holding the whiteboard and the rose is Ryo-kun’s answer to Junya-kun’s message accompanied by the rose which Junya-kun also gave to Ryo-kun xDDDD) 

8. With Dainyan acting in the next Messiah stage, one of the topics they talked about was, of course, Messiah. Which led to this conversation:

Ryo-kun: It is really fun! I wanted to appear in it [the next Messiah stage] too! But, right now, my partner…

Dainyan: Who? Who? [pretending to play innocent]

Ryo-kun: Hm? [The person] Who is fair… The person who is like an asparagus…

Dainyan: Is it me?

Ryo-kun: There is certainly a resemblance…!

LOL! But, of course, Ryo-kun went on to talk a bit about said Messiah too~ ♥

9. The fans also got to shake hands with Ryo-kun and Dainyan~ 

And, the final photo in this post is a shot of some of the bromides/photo sets that were sold for the event *O*