Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves, Revolution, Hope - The Setting Sun

So I stumbled across a post which says what we found out in chapter 53 shouldn’t have surprised us because Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis is one of the very first literary references in TG (x).

But if we really take this as foreshadowing then there’s something else which is actually really interesting . Besides Takatsuki Sen who is not a real author ,the first literary reference is Osamu Dazai’s Setting Sun. If somebody already wrote a post about it then I’m really sorry, but I haven’t seen a post yet which really talks about it aside from the quote mentioned in the manga.

So the three main characters in setting sun are Kazuko, her brother Naoji, and their mother. The story is set in Japan after the second world war.

The story is told from Kazuko’s point of view and at first I thought that there will be just parallels between her and Kaneki’s life, but Kazuko’s mother utters a sentence which describes what happens to Kaneki and all three main characters share similarities with him. I see the setting sun as a story which inspired Ishida on so many levels   (a lot of symbolism and images which appear there also appear in TG, even the biblical reference which could represent Kaneki’s life and topics like love, mother-child attachment can be also found).

It’s hard to summarize the book in just a few sentences because the parallels to TG can be even found in a single sentence.  But if you want to have a short summary then I advise you to read this (x). (I highlighted a lot of important words because this text turned out really long and there are scenes which I will just describe without explaining the parallel because it’s quite obvious).

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