nao's art

Here a little gift @naomiisenju  

It’s okay to feel down but do not forget to stand up~ You’re an amazing artist

I used this design for a little for fun and enjoying new, Your art is always lovely!


I really love this boy! He reminds me of Sherlock Holmes! And Sherlock Holmes is one of the fictional characters that I love the most! [[YESSSS]]

When I first started reading Black Butler, The first thing I thought was, “I’m going to adopt this child!! Now he’s my new son!!!”

All I want is for him to have a happy ending. I just hope he finds peace.

Kuroshitsuji © Yana Toboso


Adekan 11 Animate Special Limited Edition Book Cover

Top: Full length cover

Bottom: Cleaned up edition

Its exactly the same length as the manga book sleeve! Got my Animate copy a few days ago along with my ComiComi copy! I’m now waiting for my Bunkyodo and HorinLoveBooks copy to come so I can post all the postcards at once!

Please, for the love of god, don’t post it everywhere. Especially on twitter!! Sharing is alright but don’t tag Nao Tsukiji or the Adekan Twitter acc!! Cuz, it’s technically illegal for me to scan this and it’s suppose to be limited edition!