nao original

And here I present the possible worst casting decisions for Sera Myu XD story behind this, me and my Myu bestie @myutoni thought it would be funny to see which actors would not work as another senshi, then we ended up making it happen XD so here is…

Nao Takagi (originally Uranus) as Sailor Moon

Momoko Shibuya (originally Venus) as Sailor Mercury

Ayami Kakiuchi (originally Saturn) as Sailor Mars

Noel Miyazaki (originally Chibi Moon) as Sailor Jupiter

Ayako Morino (originally Mercury) as Sailor Venus

Asako Uchida (originally Uranus) as Sailor Chibi Moon

Marina Kuroki (originally Moon) as Sailor Pluto

Ayano Sugimoto (originally Jupiter) as Sailor Uranus

Mai Watanabe (originally Jupiter) as Sailor Neptune

Yuuko Hosaka (originally Pluto) as Sailor Saturn

Enjoy the feeling of “omg noooooo way that would never work noooo”