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★"Monster Rock" February 17, 2015

Because I was requested from jackxybooboo , I translated it.Thank you for request.

Same as usual, my translation is dangerous xD
I’m sorry if there are miss in the notation of English.
Please enjoy.

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Nao-chan :Well,I would like to hear why you choose.I’ll try to listen to reason from she chose Tomoya.

Women:Yeah,he is innocently and carefree,like a dog!!

Daisuke-han:Pretty like a dog!!!!lol I guess that arouses her maternal

Nao-chan:Pretty like a dog! OH I see.Thank you. What about you? Why did you chose Taka?

Girl:That’s because he is cool!

Nao-chan:Thas’s why!! It seems like she is made heart jump(?).Who is your hateful member?

Girl:It’s toru.

Toru:Me?? She answered immediately.

Taka:I’m surprised now.


Top Ten Females from Summer 2015.

So here is the thing I mentioned this before but my Top 5 Females, I considered all of them number ones. If they had been in another season each would have easily been number one respectfully. So this list will be 6-2 Followed by 1E-1A.

6. Tomori Nao (Charlotte) I see a lot of people in forums who hate so hard on Nao and before the show even started I said to myself “I guarantee she’s the worst girl” just for the sheer fact that she was the main girl (Which 95% of the time, I hate the main girl). I did like the way she looked so I figured I’d give it some time, but I really enjoyed her style. Her video tapping was her thing and I liked that. She had a goal to protect students with special powers and I liked that a lot. She then gained the catchphrase “Such a turn off” when Yusarin was introduced and I thought it was hilarious. What won me over though was that she got clobbered TWICE and took it like a champ. She’s a tough chick and definitely deserved to make this list.

5. Naoki Miki (Gakkou Gurashi) The outsider of the group, even though they were in the same school. Miki just had a look that just stuck with me. I find her to be adorable as hell. Her relationship with Taroumaru was rough but they ended up loving each other in the end…(still wiping away tears) Her taking out Megu-nee though was the key for me, that was a great scene.

4. Umaru Doma (Himouto! Umaru-chan) Umaru in normal mode was super hot, Umaru in UMR mode was hilarious and I was definitely digging the style with the hat and mask, and Umaru in chibi mode, while annoying at points was precious as hell! She had a love hate relationship with Onii-chan but I liked how they worked together and just made the show better to watch.

3. Kirie Motoba (Himouto! Umaru-chan) Adorable is the word I could use for Kirie, I dig girls are are super shy like Kirie. She ended up being comfortable around Chibi Umaru which I liked and she was hilarious. Especially when she was baking cookies. She had me rolling hitting Bomber with that Bokken.

Okay I’ll say this now I was a Little biased towards Rachnera and Papi mainly because I own the manga and have read a good portion of it before the anime.

2. Rachnera Arachnera (Monster Musume) Rachnera is just…god even for a Spider extremely sexy. Her eyes are hypnotizing and that body is…well something else. When I finally heard her voice I feel in love with her even more which made my choice even easier.

1E. Papi the Harpy (Monster Musume) Papi…what an ASS! I mean she’s the closest one with a full human body. Yeah she is a bird brain but she’s a good girl. She looks out for her friends and her “Boss” The egg laying scene is what got me with Papi…enough said lol.

1D. Akane Sakurada (Castle Town Dandelion) Did I not mention something about shy girls earlier? I think Akane takes the cake for a girl who is severly shy, I mean her goal was to become King to abolish security cameras from following her lol. I loved Akane she was just super cute. Another bird brain in all honesty, who rips their skirt and just keeps underwear on?! haha. Her voice actor played a plus as well, I love Kana Hana.

1C. Rory Mercury (Gate) This was such a difficult choice. Rory seriously drove me crazy at points in this anime, and I am pretty sure I dubbed her as a possibility for best girl of the year. She is the definition of Dangerously Beautiful. Her voice was just so damn sexy and her style, well it’s hard to beat Gothic Lolita, especially when they are of age. I still love you Rory.

1B. Ayame Kajou (Shimoneta) I have been flip flopping with these two. I seriously made the choice after filling out everything first. Ayame did it for me with her body. I know a lot of people liked Anna more but Anna’s body was just too much for me at times. Ayame had a little weight to her and her boobs are the perfect size. Plus she was a girl in glasses, and Ill be dammed if a girl with Glasses is not at least top 5, especially one so good looking in Ayame.

1A. Fremie Speeddraw (Rokka no Yuusha) Fremie Speeddraw, what can I say I fell in love as saw the cast. Her outfit is just prefect and she is adorable as hell. She’s had to overcome so many hardships and blame that how can you not fall in love with her? Being half Kyouma makes her even more awesome! It sucks she started off as the Brave killer but quite frankly I liked that even more about her.

Top 10 Summer Anime 2015 Couples (Not mine, didn’t make this)

I’m so happy that Jinwoon is in another drama!! Now, how do we get him to take his shirt off… LOL

OKE, but can we just talk about how spectacular this entire scene looks!?!?

Top 10 Summer Anime 2015 Couples (Not mine, didn’t make this)


Shouwaru Ookami comes with a 6-page extra chapter about Towa, Yuu and Akagi-senpai visiting Nao-chan’s house

Towa+Yuu and Hayate: meeting for the first time! 

Kousaka’s brother looked just like the portrait drawn by Akagi-san (stick man with Hayate’s head!!! LOL). 

Hayate just realized that Akagi is the senior Nao-chan often dropped by. He told Akagi to stay away from his brother. Akagi’s reaction is what I like the most.

Sorry Otouto-kun, you’re too late! Your cute Onii-chan was eaten already!!! 

Look how shock he was! Poor Hayate!!! (It serves you right though :P)

You can read the rest in Shouwaru Ookami tankoubon, on sale now! Please support sensei’s manga so that she’ll continue drawing more of this series. We all want more!

Top 10 Summer Anime 2015 Couples (Not mine, didn’t make this)

Top 10 Summer Anime 2015 Couples (Not mine, didn’t make this)

Matsui Jurina Official Blog Translation

2015.05.17 23:28

It’s been a while(^^)
Our profile has been updated♪♪
Have you seen it yet??
I am checking it out now with Nao-chan and discussing it☆

I said “I should write a blog entry soon”, and Nao-chan said “Why don’t you write one now?”, so I did lol
Thank you, Nao-chan (>_<)

When I’m with Nao-chan, we talk about serious matters quite often!!
Nao-chan is kind and cute☆
She’s a lovely girl who knows how to sympathize with people♪♪
I like her that way(^^)

We both held concurrencies at AKB, and we were in the same team in the beginning, so as we did our best there together, we became close to each other☆

She is passionate about SKE, and we are getting worked up talking about SKE right now too!!
I’m really happy that SKE has so many lovely members \(^o^)/

Top 10 Summer Anime 2015 Couples (Not mine, didn’t make this)


Monster Rock (February 24, 2015)


Ryota’s Part

Ryota: Cameron, what’s wrong?
Nao: Stop asking what’s wrong.
Ryota: By the way, your outfit today looks really cute. They’re very cute.
Host: Oh, he started by talking about her clothes.
(Audience reacts. Apparently, this is Japan Dating 101 - Always compliment the girl’s outfit. Haha!)
Nao: Thanks. You know Daisuke, right?
Ryota: Yeah.
Nao: Dai-chan’s legs are so freakin’ short!
DH: What the hell is that?
Nao: His legs are sooo short!
Ryota: Actually, I noticed that, too.
Nao: You noticed it, too, right?
Ryota: Yeah. When I saw them right in the middle of a performance, I was like, “Daisuke-han’s legs are really short.”
DH: That dude! That dude!
Toru: How is this topic related?
Taka: They’re just badmouthing you.
Nao: It’s so annoying!
Ryota: It annoys you?
Nao: It does.
Ryota: For me, I thought they were kinda cute. Whenever I see them, I thought they’re really cute. Like, “Whoa! His legs are so short just like a toy poodle!” He’s like a dog.
Nao: There’s this thing about his face, too. He’s square-jawed. It pisses me off!
Ryota: Ah, let’s just not think about those things. I think he just likes showing off his face like that, so we’ll think he’s cute. Whenever I see his face, it’s like, “Whoa! he’s super cute!”
DH: What does he mean by that? That’s totally not true.
Voiceover: This is where Ryota’s acting part ends. However…
DH: What the hell is this fuzzy feeling? That didn’t make my heart jump at all.