nao Kanzaki

narratives about kind, naive girls who are put in shitty, impossible situations and slowly lose their naivete, but never their kindness

narratives about girls whose compassion and principles turn from an impediment into a crucial strength

narratives about vulnerable, soft-hearted girls that don’t condemn them for either trait but instead celebrate them as heroic

narratives about girls who get rescued and do the rescuing–the first of which doesn’t take away their agency (despite popular belief) and the second of which just reaffirms their ability and courage

narratives about Nao fucking Kanzaki

“Trust.” That act without a doubt a very noble one.. but you know, what many people do, that they call “trust,” is actually giving up on trying to understand others. And that has nothing to do with “trust,” but is rather.. apathy. There are countless people out there who fail to realize that apathy is a far more devastating act than doubting others.

People SHOULD be doubted. Many people misunderstand this concept. Doubting people is just a part of getting to know them. What many people call ‘trust’ is really just giving up on trying to understand others, and that very act is far worse than doubting. It is actually ‘apathy.’