When you’re an 11 year old baby with a crush on a guy 40+ years older then you that you already dismissed as impossible but then this happens and you don’t know what to make of it and it probably doesn’t mean anything and you shouldn’t get your hopes up but???????? you?? still sorta do??????????


Of all the things to find in a Police Station, this is the last thing I’d ever expected to see, like…look at all those Alolan Meowth. THOSE BEDS.

Is…is someone living here??? Holy shit, look at those shirts hanging up there.

I don’t know why, but just looking at this is making me smile and laugh so hard. Someone works here and this is what the place looks like. AMAZING.

Also liking the way this dude looks, like…his expression just sells it.

I just…LOVE this game so much.

that entire event changed me as a person and immediately after, Nanu was like “lmao time 2 take on the elite four, boy.” and insta-teleports you to the foot of the mountain. like NO!! I havent felt this moved by a video game since Portal 2, I NEED TIME TO RECOVER FROM THIS.