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You're back!! BLESS!! (I love your writing!!) May I ask for headcanons for Looker and Nanu who have a pregnant s/o? Like, finding out, prep, fluff throughout, The Big Day, that kind of thing? I'm a sucker for fluff like this~

(keep this a secret but i am such a big fan of pregnancy fluff? its so cute!!)

- nearly faints when he finds out. it’s likely an accident, given his mobile lifestyle, so he’s unsure how to take it! he’s happy though, he’s always wanted kids, but its a huge responsibility…
- extremely attentive, buys “how to be a dad for dummies” and asks for pointers from other parents. he’s so nervous, you’d think he’s the one pregnant?
- one thing he handles well is mood swings. from calming you down to lifting your spirits up, he’s sure he can tame any mood your condition comes with
- he’s out on a job when the big day occurs! he get’s the speediest boat he can find to get to you, and makes it just in time to see his baby born. he almost cries (almost)

- thinks you’re pranking him until he shows you proof, which at that point he just kinda malfunctions doesn’t know what to say. yeesh
- while he’s not a father, he’s babysitted babies plenty, including young acerola! he still researches what to do, but he’s not completely new to child care
- when you start showing, he almost laughs out loud with how grumpy his meowth get when they can’t lie on your lap anymore. they end up on your shoulders instead
- you go into labor in the middle of the night, scaring the shit out of nanu. being where he lives, he can only get you to a pokemon center rather than a hospital in time…thankfully, nurse joy doesn’t turn you away lmao! it’s a hectic experience.