nantucket sound

“When I think of Bobby, I shall always see Cape Cod on a sunny day. The wind will be from the southwest and the whitecaps will be showing and the full tide will be sweeping through the gaps in the breakwater. It will be after lunch, and Bob will be stripped to the waist and he’ll say : "Come on Joe, Kathleen, Bobby and Davis, Courtney, Kerry, come on Michael, and even you Chris and Max - call your mother and come for a sail.” One of the children would say : “What about the baby?” and the father would reply : “Douglas can come next year.” They push off from the landing. The sails of the Resolute catch the wind, and the boat tips and there are squeals of laughter from the crew… The boat heads out into Nantucket Sound. the tide is gentle - the sand shifts - the sky is blue - the seagulls watch from above and the breeze is warm. And there will be happiness and love and we are together again.“

— Ted Kennedy, in a letter to the children of Bobby, November 1968.

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JFK with the pump fake. #Repost @usnatarchives (@get_repost)
JFK grew up in a household devoted to athletic activity. He swam and played golf and football for the junior varsity at Harvard and tried his hand at boxing. In later years, he remained an accomplished golfer and, despite chronic back pain, he continued to enjoy football, tennis, and softball with family and friends, and to sail Victura, his 26-foot sloop in the Nantucket Sound. As President, JFK challenged the nation to become more active. He challenged the @marines to walk 50 miles in 20 hours, and high school students to earn awards from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. Here’s a clip of JFK playing football at the Kennedy family home in Hyannisport, from home movie footage taken by friend Paul Fay. 📽 from @JFKLibrary. We’re celebrating the centennial of JFK’s birth throughout 2017 and this month’s #JFK100 theme is “candid photos,” join us for more informal videos and photos of JFK and family! #CapeCod #JFK #JohnFKennedy #Football #KennedyFamily #PresidentKennedy #PresidentialLibraries #Sports

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i wrote this at 9am having gotten 3 hrs of sleep and it’s the dumbest shit ive ever written lmao im sorry and enjoy 

The day Cas walked into the bunker’s kitchen wearing nothing but boxers was the day Dean finally lost his sanity.

 It was no later than 7am on a Saturday, but Dean couldn’t sleep so he’d gone to make coffee, awaiting Sam’s early rise for his jog. 

 With his back to the door, Dean browsed their boxes of Keurig cups. 

 "Hello, Dean.“ Dean jumped at the sound, his Nantucket Blend k-cup flying out of his hand and across the counter. 

“Jesus, Cas,” he groaned, turning around. “You can’t just-” They made eye contact briefly before Dean’s eyes inevitably flicked down to Cas’ lower half.

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