nantahala outdoors center


SORRY for being absent for a while, took a MUCH NEEDED 4-day vacation from work as a sort of cleanse from the stress of candidacy exams to hike part of the Appalachian Trail with my roommate Alex (working in a neuroscience lab at Emory) and Dave (also in the Jui Lab).

Included some pictures because this was an awesome awesome trip, and to show the world that you CAN still have a life in grad school…just might have to try a little harder than usual at it. 

Feel very revived and ready to be super productive before the break I’m taking at Christmas!


Update on the fires… the fire in Macon county, nc has now combined with the fire in swain county, making it the biggest fire in North Carolina history. The first two pictures are part of that since that is Nantahala outdoor center.

The next four pictures are part of party rock/lake lure fire. Some of you may recongnize that name since it’s where “Dirty Dancing” was filmed. They are waiting on it to come down the mountain.

Then the last two pics are my hometown, Franklin, N.C. it’s still very smokey there and they were having out masks so people could breathe. My own mother has to keep the A/C running.

We were supposed to have gotten rain today, but it never came. We are so dry, nine inches under.

And yes, there have been several arrests made of people on suspicion of arson.