I was watching “NanoZIM,” again today, and I remembered how much like a video game Professor Membrane’s microscopic submersible was. 

Not only was the transformation move exactly what Gaz said it was (and it seems is common to most video games), but there’s even a slot to enter your initials once you’re done with it, like an arcade game.

Adding all this to the fact that we see Professor Membrane playing video games with Gaz in the first issue in the comic and his comment in the Gameslave episode that video games “make children into better human beings,” I conclude  that Professor Membrane is a video game nerd just like Gaz. Hell, maybe that’s where she got it from.

Who has had more victories, Zim or Dib?

Dib mentioned in a comic that he had finally won a battle from Zim for the first time. It made me curious about what their stance would actually be. So, because I have no life, I did some research to determine who ‘’won’’ in every Invader Zim episode, excluding the ones where they have next to no conflict (The frycook that came from all that space, invasion of the idiot dog brain etc). Let the battle begin!

  • The nightmare begins: Zim escapes Dib and wins. Zim 1, Dib 0. 
  • Nanozim: Dib literally poops Zim out. Obvious win for him. 1-1 
  • Parent-teacher night: I guess Zim wins? ‘Cause Dib fails to expose his fake parents? 2-1 
  • Dark harvest: Zim gets away with a body full of organs, Dib is left only able to moo. 3-1 
  • The wettening: Zim wins, although he does nearly drown in a toilet. 4-1
  • Career day: Again, a win for the space boy, as Dib can’t catch him moulting. He does get fired, though. 5-1
  • Rise of the Zitboy: Dib loses yet again, as Zim got the information he needed and he’s left to clean a class room filled with pus. Yuck. 6-1 
  • Bad, bad rubber piggy: Ah, a victory for Dibble! Happy to see him happy when he returns back to normal after literally dying in the episode. Zim is left with a piggy instead of a brain. 6-2 
  • A room with a Moose: Dib wins again! You go, boy! 6-3 
  • Bloaty’s Pizza Hog: I guess a win for Dib? More like a win for Gaz, but we’ll give it to him, for sibling love. 6-4 
  • Bolognius Maximus: A tie, nobody wins here. 6-4
  • Battle of the Planets: Perhaps their most epic fight! Although Dib can’t expose Zim, he still wins. 6-5. Dib’s catching up! 
  • Halloween spectacular of spooky doom: Zim breaks his spine, Dib has a lollipop. 6-6. 
  • Future Dib: A tricky one. Zim’s plan is spoiled, but Dib is trapped in a cage with a monkey for an eternity… I guess it goes to Zim! 7-6 
  • Megadoomer: ‘’Well, I liked that camera, but I guess this is a victory for me, eh. Or something. I’m going back to bed.’’ 7-7 
  • Dib’s wonderful life of doom: Dib’s hopes and dreams get crushed because he threw a muffin at Zim. 8-7 
  • Backseat drivers from beyond the stars: Dib scratches his butt as Zim’s brains are being sucked out his skull. 8-8 
  • Mortos der soulstealer: Although the conflict is not really revolved around them, Zim still wins. 9-8 
  • Zim eats waffles: Eh. Nobody wins here. Poor guys. 9-8 
  • The girl who cried gnome: Dib easily destroys Zim’s plan and the world (and the girl scout) are saved. 9-9 
  • Dibship rising: I… guess Dib wins?? But neither of them have a really happy ending. 9-10. Dib’s ahead for the first time! 
  • Vindicated: A clear win for Zim, he has new, cool stuff and meanwhile Dib loses his camera. 10-10 
  • The voting of the Doomed: Zim wins, but at least Dib’s got salted nuts. 11-10
  • The most horrible X-mas ever: Poor Dib gets beaten up, while he has done nothing wrong. 12-10

Zim wins with 12 to 10! Victory for Zim! 

A Speculation on Zim's PAK

So we all know that Zim is a defective based on The Trial; his poor judgment, and insane nature prevent him from succeeding, but what exactly caused him to be this way? Personally, I think it’s the PAK itself that drove Zim insane, since he started out as a sweet, innocent, smeet, but the second the “knowledge” was downloaded into his PAK, he became the crazy, impulsive, destruction loving jerk he is now. Maybe his runty size meant the vast amount of information would be too much for his underdeveloped brain to handle. Zim’s brain could possibly be overloaded with information, resulting in a confused, scatterbrained Irken who has trouble focusing and thinking things through.

So if the PAK impedes Zim from thinking clearly, what would happen if it were removed? Well, let’s look at a couple of things in Issue #12 of the comics that I found… odd. Future Zim’s PAK is absent throughout this entire issue, there’s not even a bulge beneath his high collar cape where it should be; neither did he use it in the ZIM fight. It is heavily emphasized that Future Zim is a huge improvement over Present Zim: he’s successful, thinks rationally, and is able to focus on tasks, such as preparing a feast for the Tallests, without loosing his mind; he’s basically got his act together. But what about 10 Minutes to Doom and The Trial ? Zim’s been able to completely detach himself from his PAK without trouble in NanoZim, so my guess is that he somehow weaned his body off of that thing and kept it a secret from the Tallest. Zim’s an incredibly skilled engineer and is constantly upgrading things, so who knows, maybe this lead to the creation of Emperor Zim. If the PAK was indeed removed, this would explain why he looks significantly older than the Tallest.

The Tallests are the same age as Zim, so PAKs must keep Irkens from aging normally, if it all. So either Zim has aged because of a defective PAK, or the removal of it has dwindled him down to an average life span…

Well that’s sad. But Zeph! Whattabout the character development you mentioned in that last post!? If this theory is true, you have to remember that something had to motivate Zim to “fix” the problem. Zim had to acknowledge that something was wrong, that he was flawed… and that he needed an upgrade.

Canon Information About Zim's Age

What canon information is there about Zim’s age?

  • In NanoZim, Zim says that he’s been flying ships since before Dib was born.
  • In Tak: The Hideous New Girl, Tak’s Invader training on Devastis happened 50 years ago. Zim was there as well. 

Can anyone remember any more instances in the show or does anyone have any cited quotes from creators talking about Zim’s age? I know that there is a widespread belief that Jhonen has said that Zim is 116 or 150 or something, but I’ve never actually been able to find real evidence of the quote. 

(Of course all of this info begs the question of differences between Earth years and Irken years…)