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OC October

I wanted to do something for october because why not. I can’t do inktober since I don’t draw, and I found Nanowrimo kinda stressful for me. I wanted to do something that let me interact with people so I am doing O.C. October for the entire month. Starting from today until September 30th, I will be taking in submissions for O.C.’s, which are original characters for anyone who doesn’t know, and writing two part fictions for those characters. Your character can represent any of these fandoms:


If you wish to participate in this please send me this little form filled out with details of the character you created and which universe you that them to be in and any character you wish to have them be with:

Character name:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Physical Features:
Body type:
A short biography of character:

This is what I am looking for:

Character name: Yori Taka (Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid)
Age: 18
Eye color: green
Hair color: black
Physical Features: a dolphin tattoo on right ankle, pierced ears, freckles, hair is mid back with curls, has a birthmark the shape of a cat behind her left ear.
Body type: curvy with long legs, pear shaped
Personality: headstrong and determined. Loyal until the end and empathetic towards everyone she meets.
A short biography of character: Born and raised in South Carolina. She was a kidnapped child at three until she was found at thirteen via FBI raid of the commune she was forced in. She is adept in Spanish, French, and Russian and loves to dance. She was a dancer for the Rockettes before she decided to go into law enforcement.

So anyone interesting in doing my OC October, you have until the 30th of September to send your submissions to me. I can’t wait to see what we can ake together!

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 8)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Recommended you’ve played at least one of Zen, Yoosung, or Seven’s route due to small spoilers.

Shit. An icy hand grips your insides. You try to slam the door shut, but the intruder – Unknown, whatever his name is – thrusts his leg in its path and forces it back open. You almost fall over at the strength behind his shove and scramble to regain your footing, pushing off of the wall and running to the kitchen. There has to be a knife, o-or a frying pan… anything you can use to defend yourself…

The intruder is in the doorway to the kitchen just as you pull out a knife and brandish it in front of you with both hands. Goddammit, it’s your bread knife. The rounded tip and serrated edge do little to make you look menacing. Why had you spent all your excess time cooking and reading instead of studying judo or self-defense?

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Tourist Trap | | Bagginshield AU

On the North side of the Long Lake sat a tiny used-to-be tourist town named Erebor. The town was once a popular vacation spot with its many tourist attractions, chiefly, the myth about Smaug: the lake-dwelling sea monster that was rumored to live in the large lake. Now in the 21st Century, Erebor is struggling to survive with only a handful of people passing through during peak season. Management of Tourism for Erebor now lands in the lap of Thorin Durinson who’s inherited the business from his family.

Along with Bilbo Baggins, mythological fanatic and bookkeeper for Erebor’s current financial situation, Thorin’s determined to do something to drive people back to Erebor and the shores of the Long Lake. However, they quickly realize they may be in way over their head.